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Best Incant Scaling Seals in Elden Ring

What are the best Seals for Incantation Scaling in Elden Ring?

Like many things in Elden Ring, Seals and Incantation Scaling can be confusing. There are 12 Seals in Elden Ring and in this guide, you’ll learn what the best one is for you.

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How to increase Faith spell damage in Elden Ring

When it comes to dealing more Faith damage, there are two stats you want to keep in mind: leveling up your Seals and Faith. Upgrading your Seal will require certain Smithing Stones while leveling your Faith requires you to use Runes. And if you’re returning for Shadow of the Erdtree, scaling may work differently.

What is Incantation Scaling in Elden Ring?

The higher your Incantation Scaling stat, the more damage your Incantations do. Every Seal has an Incantation Scaling stat viewable in the menu. This stat increases when you upgrade your Seal with Smithing Stones.

You can also increase your Seal’s used rank to make it stronger, just like every weapon’s rank system. For example, if you’re using a Seal with rank D Faith, as you upgrade your Seal, its Faith rank rises, making it stronger directly from how many levels you have in Faith.

Elden Ring + Shadow of the Erdtree Seals: Best Incant Scaling, ranked

Best Seals In Elden Ring
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  1. Erdtree Seal – Best raw damage Seal
  2. Gravel Stone Seal – Best for Dragon Cult Incantations
  3. Dragon Communion Seal – Best for Dragon Communion Incantations
  4. Fire Knight’s Seal (SotE) – Best for Messmer Fire Incantations
  5. Golden Order Seal – Best for Golden Order Incantations
  6. Clawmark Seal – Best for Bestial Incantations
  7. Frenzied Flame Seal – Best for Frenzied Flame Incantations
  8. Spiraltree Seal (SotE) – Best for Spiral Incantations
  9. Giant’s Seal – Best for Fire Giant and Fire Monk Incantations
  10. Dryleaf Seal (SotE) – Best for Miquella Incantations
  11. Godslayer Seal – Best for Godskin Apostle Incantations
  12. Finger Seal – Beginner Seal

If you’re looking for the Seal with the best Incantation Scaling, use Erdtree Seal. This Seal gives you the best raw damage output which works well with any build. It’s the best general Seal, but the thing about Seals is you should use the one that benefits your build.

Besides Finger Seal and Erdtree Seal, every Seal gives a +15% damage increase to specific Incantations. Because of that, you should find which Seal gives a damage bonus to the Incantations you like best. Gravel Stone Seal and Dragon Communion Seal are the two I recommend because Dragon Cult and Dragon Communion Incantations are the strongest in the game.

Delving into Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Seals, the Fireknight’s Seal has by far the best damage and Incantations of any Seal in the DLC. Sadly, the Spiraltree and Dryleaf Seal aren’t up to snuff when it comes to dealing good damage with good Incantations. So if you’re looking for a new Seal in SotE, you’ll want to grab the Fireknight’s Seal as soon as possible.

Before you go, know that if you dual-wield Seals, their bonuses stack. So, if you want to create the best Dragon’s Cult Incantations build in the game, you should dual-wield two Gravel Stone Seals for a 30% total increase to your Dragon’s Cult Incantation damage. Now, you can head out continuing your quest to farm Somber and regular Smithing Stones 7, 8, and 9 to upgrade your Seal of choice.

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