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Best Leatherface build in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

This is what nightmares are made of.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game wouldn’t be anything without the chainsaw-wielding killer: Leatherface. Just like in the movies and other media, he’s a force to be reckoned with, and in the game, it is the same. His abilities paired with his iconic chainsaw can make even seasoned players tremble in fear. To make things better or worse, you can create a deadly build that makes Leatherface a nightmare for all sorts of players. There’s a lot to create in terms of how you play, and thanks to the comprehensive progression system, the sky’s the limit. To make the best killer, this guide can show you the best Leatherface build in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Leatherface build

Leatherface is a rather easy character to use. He’s good for many things in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. So let’s go over his base stats to give us a better understanding of how he works.

  • Savergery: 50
  • Endurance: 45
  • Blood Gathering 18

Just by looking at the numbers, Leatherface is a little stronger than the other killers like Johnny. This makes him an easy first pick. 

To start, invest in Savagery. While it’s already quite overpowered, making sure the victims go down quickly is never a bad idea. This enables him to do that. You want him to have high damage, but also be able to keep up the chase if it gets to that point. My next tip for you would be to put some points in his Endurance because he has the potential to lose his victims quickly. Unlike Johnny who can sneak in anywhere, Leatherface will need to stick to the path given to achieve what he wants. Making Endurance beefier can help with that.

Ability Modifiers

Leatherface has an interesting ability called MainWhenever his chainsaw is revved up, he can do a lot of damage. However, the only problem is that the chainsaw needs to be revved up first to do that. While the weapon is getting warmed up, Leatherface can’t move, allowing the victims to flee are hide somewhere else. To combat this, get Heat Reduction for the first couple of levels. On the third, get Instant Activation, which as the name says does not require much time to rev up. 

Best perks for the Leatherface build

This build is centered around outputting high damage at one time, so the following perks work well with what’s already there. 

  • Vial-ent: Whenever Leatherface has a full vial of blood, he gets a large damage boost. This is a trade-off for him being just okay and gathering blood.
  • Big Swings: This perk works with Vial-ent because upon using a full vial of blood, his damage goes up. This is on top of the 10 percent more given. However, be strategic with it since the perk uses 300 percent more stamina.
  • Surgical: The Surgical perk makes Vial-ent even more important. This can be due to him drawing more blood with the perk. The more blood you draw, the more you can gather, in turn, making your attacks do more overall
  • Brute Strength: As the Grandpa ability, pick the Brute Strength because it increases melee attacks for Leatherface. 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is available now via Steam.

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