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Best Miss Match answers for every girl in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

The language of love.

In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, you’ll score dates with a variety of eligible partners, provided you know how to sweet-talk them through the dating app. Here is our guide to the best Miss Match answers for every girl in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – best Miss Match answers for every girl

You are likely to meet Miss Match herself early in the campaign. She introduces herself when you get near the Cream & Berry (Waikiki) establishment. Her base of operations is in that building. After the introduction, you get the chance to help her test her app. You will potentially land dates with a variety of beauties. There are multiple aspects to consider. However, the answers you give during chats are the most important element. You want to give long responses that show you understand the girl you are attempting to date.

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As part of the process, you first create a dating profile. Update your profile between dates. The answers you give when setting up your profile determine which girls you match. Keep your latest profile data in mind when participating in conversations. However, I’ve noticed you can rarely go wrong with whatever the longest answer is. You just have to be ready to enter the button prompts that go with it. As you make attempts to date a particular match and learn more, her preferences appear near the screen’s upper right side. That information also points to likely chat answers.

Below, we’ve included a table that names each girl. We’ve listed ideal answers to give during your chat with them. A chat consists of four parts: the introduction, a discussion about occupation, a review of hobbies, and a date proposal. Remember that the longest answers require the most button presses within the time limit. You need to get them right, but a few errors are allowed.

KinakoIntro: Name’s Kasuga! If you’re looking to babble, you’ve come to the right place! LOL!
Occupation: Does drinking count? LOL!
Hobbies: A hero! A character everyone counts on to save them!
Proposal: Well, I once asked for a punch perm and got an afro…
MaryIntro: I’m Kasuga. So, any thoughts on Japan’s future?
Occupation: I love a good cafe crawl.
Hobbies: Chasing risky short-term profit catches up with you.
Proposal: I think it’s great you find your job fulfilling, Mary.
RinshanIntro: Wow, I can’t believe how lucky I am to match with you! I’m Kasuga, by the way!
Occupation: Late nights in the kitchen, cooking.
Hobbies: Doubt I’ve ever had anything as good as your cooking.
Proposal: I think it’s amazing you’ve got a dream you won’t give up on!
NaomiIntro: Name’s Kasuga and I’m hoping to find a date too!
Occupation: Nothing beats curling up with a book.
Hobbies: Believe me, I’m tried of that game. I want something real, Naomi.
Proposal: From novels to academic papers, if it’s got words I’ll devour it!
EtsuIntro: I’m Kasuga! What a coincidence, I wanna meet up too! LOL!
Occupation: I’m a master gambler.
Hobbies: I’d have to say, my type is exactly someone like you!
Proposal: I’ll arrive in white armor atop a gallant steed, milady!
SaoriIntro: Yup, this is Kasuga! Wow! You’re more stimulating than a mug of coffee!
Occupation: Well, I spend a lot of time working out.
Hobbies: I like the woman I’ve been talking to. You don’t need to change one bit.
Proposal: Times like that are the best opportunities for improvement.
SophieIntro: This is Kasuga. I’m also hoping to find someone with whom to appreciate the finer things in life.
Occupation: Well, music. Soundtrack to my life and all.
Hobbies: I’d say it makes you unique. I admire your elegance, actually.
Proposal: Count on me to give your world some color whenever you need.
KanapoyoIntro: YAY! I’m Kasuga! Nice 2 meetcha, mamacita!
Occupation: Dancing till the sun comes up!
Hobbies: Honestly, I like anyone with a lot of energy and a great laugh!
Proposal: Kanapoyo-poyo-poyo! Poyo-poyo-poyo! Let’s goyo-goyo-goyo!
KaoruIntro: Name’s Kasuga. I can assure you, I’m up to the task.
Occupation: The shared bliss of sensuality.
Hobbies: I’m a specimen, baby. You won’t find a man with a manlier manhood.
Proposal: Ho ho, you’re insatiable! I’ll teach you some manners.
KanoIntro: Kasuga. Talking sucks most of the time anyway.
Occupation: Um, I like staying inside.
Hobbies: I hope every one of those human lice get theirs.
Proposal: I’ll be your reason! Ha, I’ll yank you outside myself if I have to!

Additional dating advice

If you give the above answers, you should be well on your way to a successful date. Try to match with a high percentage from the start by modifying your profile. That way, your answers do a better job of filling up the meter. A mini-game at the end lets you make up some lost points. By choosing the above answers, you should have the best possible Miss Match experience with the girls you hope to date. However, the actual results vary. Even a perfect performance won’t change who you meet back at the hotel.

As a side note, the emoji selection near the end of a chat session can damage your performance a lot. When the slider appears and emojis are cycling through, I recommend aiming for one of the bad emotions. Usually, when I press the button as if I meant to pick one of those, I instead land on a good result. Play around with the timing to see how your own reflexes work, but it’s something to keep in mind. If all else fails, chicks dig dudes who ride Street Surfers, so why not read our guide on how to get one? Good luck!

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