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Life on the many moons in Lethal Company can be tough, but knowing what to do can make things easier.

Even if you’re well prepared, there will be problems that can come up like tools stopping working or worse, getting killed. So having some good tips at your side can help you survive better. To learn some of the best strategies for Lethal Company, follow along.

Lethal Company: Best strategies to survive better

Monitor the screens

If you’re playing in a group, this can be important. With all the dangers on the lunar surface, keep someone checking screens to watch your back. This way, you can expect the enemy better, allowing you to prepare or get out efficiently. The person on the screen can call outdoors, help shut off turrets, and alert the team if any traps or strange things are happening. It just helps you strategize better.

Consider the shovel and flashlight

These two items are important as most of the world is dark, and enemies are just waiting for you and your team. By investing in a shovel and flashlight, you can turn the odds in your favor. So, it would be best to sell scrap.

The entire team can contribute when you have both of them. You can defend yourself better and light up the world around you, making things a tad bit easier.

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Scan everything

Your scanner is important, it can help you find resources, and entrances, and show you nearby enemies. It’s also good at helping you navigate the barren wasteland of the moon.

Plus, you can notify your group about what you’ve found, making exploration manageable. However, as you move around using the scanner, make sure you relay that information to your team. You could wander away without knowing how far you’ve gone.

Only fight when you need to

You’re not geared to take on the enemies in the world and Lethal Company makes that case. Fighting should only be done when you need to do it.

Otherwise, try sneaking around all the time because most if not all monsters react to sound. On the other hand, if you plan on exploring these areas, make sure you have something to defend yourself with, because things do go wrong.

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Lethal Company is available now via Steam.

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