Best power sources for each outpost and planet in Starfield – Outpost power sources explained

Best Power Sources In Starfield Outpost Explained
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Once you create your first outpost in Starfield, it’ll bombard you with tons of unique buildings, machines, and other creations available for you to craft. It can get a little confusing when all you get are some text box tutorials occasionally. For many of the machines like extractors, you need power sources to run them. There are a few different types, and it’s important to know what’s best to use depending on where you build outposts. We’ve explained below the best power sources in Starfield for your outpost and the planet it’s on.

Starfield: Best power sources for outposts and planets explained

Depending on the planet you’ve decided to lay claim to with your outpost beacon, certain power sources work better than others. There are three main types of power sources: Solar, wind, and fueled. The best power sources in Starfield depend on the type of planet your outpost is on, which we’ve explained in further detail below.

Best Power Sources In Starfield Outpost Explained Solar Array

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Solar power

Using the Solar Array, you can collect power from the sun to energize your machines at your outpost. The best planet to use a Solar Array on is one that gets a lot of sun. If you find yourself on a planet that’s foggy or cloudy constantly, don’t go for the Solar Array.

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Best Power Sources In Starfield Outpost Explained Wind Turbine

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Wind power

If you create a Wind Turbine, it generates power using the wind in the atmosphere for your outpost. You can probably see where I’m going with this. Wind power is good for planets that generate lots of of wind. This typically comes from a thicker atmosphere, as detailed in the planet information on your map.

Best Power Sources In Starfield Outpost Explained Fueled Generator

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Fueled power

Instead of using natural resources from the planet, the Fueled Generator requires Helium-3. Although this sounds annoying to keep up, this power source generates the most amount of energy compared to the others. The only downside is the fact that you need a ton of Helium-3 to keep it going. Perhaps it’s best to use a Fueled Generator in an outpost where you’re extracting Helium-3.

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