10 best places to build Outposts in Starfield, ranked

Best Outpost Locations In Starfield
Image: Bethesda

A key feature in Starfield is Outpost building. However, there are 1,000+ planets and moons in Starfield, and the last thing you want to do is waste time and resources building an Outpost in a location that isn’t the best. So, to help you, here are the best locations to build Outposts in Starfield.

Note: A necessary skill you need is the ability to scan planets. If you don’t know how to do that, check out our guide.

Best planets and moons for Outposts in Starfield

I like separating my thinking of Outposts in Starfield into two parts: resource farming and home building. There are some planets that aren’t the prettiest or best to build a home, in my opinion, but they are extremely rich in resources.

Because of that, I’m going to tell you the best resource farm Outposts and the best home-building Outposts. In fact, here is a helpful chart to tell you the 10 best locations for Outposts in Starfield.

Planet Name Location Resources Resources or home?
Callisto/Io Sol, moons of Jupiter Iron, He3 Resources
Zamka/Voss Alpha Centauri, moons of Olivas H2O, He3, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Cobalt, Uranium, Vanadium, Nickel, Lead, Cobalt, Tungsten, and Dysprosium Resources
Guniibuu II Guniibuu H2O, Chlorine, Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Beryllium, Fluorine, and Gold Resources
Nesoi Olympus H2O, Iron, Uranium, Argon, Benzene, Iridium, Carboxylic Acids, and Tantalum Resources
Kreet Narion, moon of Anselon Iron, H2O, He3, Lead, Argon, Hydromelonic Acid, Silver, and Neon Resources
Schrodinger II Schrodinger Chlorine, Lead, Uranium, Aldumite, Chlorosilanes, Plutonium, Titanium, and Tungsten Resources
Linnaeus IV-b Linnaeus H2O, He3, Aluminium, Beryllium, Iron, Lead, Ytterbium, and Hyrdomelonic Acid Resources
Codos Cheyenne, moon of Akila H2O, Iron, Aluminum, Argon, Beryllium, Chlorine, Iron, Alkanes, and Carboxylic Acids Home
Sumati Narion H2O, Chlorine, Chlorosilanes, Copper, Fluorine, Lead, and Tetrefluorides Home
Muphrid I Muphrid Iridium and Uranium Home

Best resource Outpost base locations in Starfield

Starfield Resource Farm Outpost

Image: Bethesda

Not all Outposts need to be homes. Some Outposts will just be used to farm resources, and there are some really great planets and moons to farm resources if you know where to look.


If you are just starting out, then you should try Callisto or Io which are moons of Jupiter. There’s only He3 and Iron here, but this is the perfect place to get your feet wet.


The moons in Alpha Centauri are the best places to build Outposts to farm resources. These moons are rich in resources. They aren’t the prettiest Outpost locations, so I don’t recommend building your home here, but you’ll definitely want a resource farm Outpost on one of these moons.

Note: Make sure you know how to mine resources out of the ground!

Zamka and Voss are moons of Olivas in the Alpha Centauri system. These moons are amazing because they’re in the same solar system as Jemison and you’ll get a lot of amazing resources. Zamka has H2O, He3, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Cobalt, Uranium, and Vanadium. Voss is another great option since it has H2O, Nickel, Lead, Uranium, Cobalt, Tungsten, Vanadium, and Dysprosium.

Guniibuu II

Another great spot is Guniibuu II in the Guniibuu system. This planet isn’t too far from Alpha Centauri and has a lot of resources the Alpha Centauri moons don’t. Guniibuu II has H2O, Chlorine, Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Beryllium, Fluorine, and Gold.


Nesoi is a solid place for a resource Outpost in Starfield because Olympus is a system close to the other main systems in the game. Nesoi isn’t the ugliest planet either, so this location can double as a good home Outpost.


Kreet is very similar to Nesoi in that it has a lot of great resources and the Narion system is close to a lot of important systems in Starfield. If you need a good place to farm Neon, this is a good spot.

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Schrodinger II

Near the end of the game, you can venture out to higher-level systems. A great one to visit is Schrodinger for the resources on Schrodinger II. Here, you’ll find some high-end resources that are hard to come by.

Linnaeus IV-b

Linnaeus IV-b is just like Schrodinger II: it should be reserved for endgame because of its high level. There are some incredibly rare resources here, so make sure to make a resource Outpost farm here.

Best home Outpost base location in Starfield

Starfield Forest Home Outpost

Image: Bethesda

In all of my research and personal experience, the best locations to build your home Outpost are Codos, which is Akila’s moon in the Cheyenne system, Sumati, which is a planet in the Narion system, and Muphrid I which is a very unique purple planet.


If you want a tropical home, Codos is the place for you. Codos is a beautiful destination with a lot of great beaches, lakes, oceans, and hills. The vegetation is extremely tropical and you get a great view of Akila as it orbits. Codos is my personal favorite place to build a home base Outpost.


If you’re more of a mountain and forest person, Sumati is where you’ll want to go. Sumati is a unique location in Starfield because it has a beautiful blue forest that’s perfect for building a cabin escape. To find the forest, make sure your landing spot says “Coniferous Forest.”

Murphid I

Starfield Muphrid I Approach Closeup

Screenshot: Bethesda

While Murphid I is a hard planet to have a home on since it does have an Inferno climate, this is the only all-purple planet in the game. Because of that, it needs to be settled. Owning an Outpost on Murphid I, the purple planet, is just too cool to pass up.

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