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Best Rebel Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

Rebel Cookie is a great Ambush Cookie.

Ambush Cookies are some of the best DPS units in all of Cookie Run Kingdom, and the newly-released Rebel Cookie is no exception. If you’re wondering how to build Rebel Cookie, this guide will show you the best Toppings for him.

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There are a few ways to build Rebel Cookie depending on the niche you need him to fill on your team. The best Rebel Cookie builds will stack five of the same Topping to maximize their effect, however.

Solid Almond Build

Most people agree that Rebel Cookie performs well with a stack of five Solid Almond Toppings to favor survivability. This is because Rebel Cookie is a Front Cookie despite being an Ambush Cookie, which is an atypical combination. Keeping Rebel Cookie alive to protect the rest of your team is key to your success.

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As for the Bonus Effects, you should prioritize Defense to maximize Rebel Cookie’s survivability as much as possible. Attack and Cooldown are also good choices if you’d prefer a more aggressive build for Rebel Cookie.

Searing Raspberry Build

Searing Raspberry is a great set for Rebel Cookie because he is an Ambush Cookie, after all. The Searing Raspberry Topping set will boost Rebel Cookies Attack, maximizing his damage output.

If you do choose the Searing Raspberry set for Rebel Cookie though, you need to prioritize Defense for the Bonus Effects on each Topping. Even though he’s an Ambush Cookie, Rebel Cookie still lives at the Front of your team. Survivability is key.

Swift Chocolate Build

To change things up, you could use Swift Chocolate Toppings with Rebel Cookie. Swift Chocolate Toppings will decrease Rebel Cookie’s Cooldowns, letting him use his ability more often. Since Rebel Cookie’s skill lowers the enemies’ Defense and boosts your team’s Critical Chance while also providing a Shield for them, it’s a great idea to have those buffs and debuffs active for as long as possible.

With that being said, the Bonus Effects for each Topping matter more than ever since Rebel Cookie’s overall Defense is quite low for a Front Cookie. Focus on Defense as a baseline and then stack Cooldown to double down on the main bonus of the Swift Chocolate Toppings.

No matter how you build Rebel Cookie, he’s one of the coolest Front units in the entire game. He’s certainly one of the most unique Ambush Cookies, and his buffs and debuffs are incredibly useful. He’s one of the best Epic Cookies in the game.

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