Which characters are coming to Payday 3 at launch?

Payday 3 All Heisters
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In Payday 3, the characters you play are called heisters. Over the course of Payday and Payday 2, there have been 20 heisters. In Payday 3, there are six characters to play as at launch. Here’s who they are.

Note: If you’re looking forward to playing Payday 3 cross-platform, you need to read our guide to learn what the rules are in Payday 3.

All Payday 3 heisters coming at launch

Payday 3 isn’t an RPG, so the characters are all the same. Besides voice lines, visuals, backstory, and unique masks, every Payday 3 heister plays the same.

Payday 3 has a solid lineup of six characters at launch. There will undoubtedly be more characters that join the heister roster as Payday 3 ages.

Here are the six heisters in Payday 3 at launch:

  • Wolf
  • Dallas
  • Pearl
  • Joy
  • Chains
  • Hoxton
Payday 3 Characters

Screenshot: Starbreeze

Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and Wolf are all original Payday characters. They’ve been in every Payday game since the beginning, and Dallas is the face of Payday with his signature American flag mask.

Joy was the last character introduced for Payday 2 and we’re glad to see her return in Payday 3. On the other hand, Pearl is a brand new character unique to Payday 3 so it’ll be interesting to see how fans react to her.

Which heister are you looking forward to playing as? Personally, I think I’ll enjoy playing Joy since she seems like the stealthy but ruthless type. You can’t go wrong with Dallas, but I think I’ll be leaning more toward playing Wolf since he has a great name and background.

Though Payday 3 only has six heisters at launch, more will come with time. In Payday 2, we saw crossovers like John Wick and Scarface. After seeing what Dead by Daylight and Fortnite have done with collaborations, I think we’ll see some amazing Payday 3 crossover heisters come to the game. I could see Rambo coming to Payday 3 or maybe even a Joker heister.

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