Starfield: 10 best Backgrounds to choose

Starfield Best Backgrounds
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There are 21 Backgrounds in Starfield and they help you shape your class. In this guide, we’ll go over all 21 Starfield Backgrounds and rank them. It can be hard to pick the best Background for you, but that’s why I’ve created this guide. Let’s get into it.

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Does Starfield have classes?

Starfield doesn’t have classes like Skyrim or Oblivion. In those RPGs, you pick a specific class like spellcaster or rogue and start playing the game that way. Of course, you can branch out and become whatever you want while playing Skyrim and Oblivion, but your initial class choice helped you craft your character.

Instead of classes, Starfield is more like Fallout in that you pick a Background and some Traits. The Background you choose gives you three Traits to start with. It also allows you to roleplay that particular playstyle through dialogue options and a general sense of who you are and where you’re going.

Top 10 Backgrounds in Starfield

  1. Soldier – Fitness, Ballistic, Boost Pack Training
  2. Cyber Runner – Stealth, Security, Theft
  3. Cyberneticist – Medicine, Security, Lasers
  4. [FILE NOTE FOUND] – Wellness, Ballistics, Piloting
  5. Space Scoundrel – Pistole Certification, Piloting, Persuasion
  6. Diplomat – Persuasion, Commerce, Wellness
  7. Bounty Hunter – Piloting, Target Control Systems, Boost Pack Training
  8. Ronin – Dueling, Stealth, Scavenging
  9. Xenobiologist – Lasers, Surveying, Fitness
  10. Combat Medic – Pistol Certification, Medicine, Wellness

The best Background in Starfield is subjective. However, based on what sounds the most fun to play and what Backgrounds give you the best skills, the top ten Backgrounds in Starfield are Solider, Cyber Runner, Cyberneticist, [FILE NOT FOUND], Space Scoundrel, Diplomat, Bounty Hunter, Ronin, Xenobiologist, and Combat Medic.

Best Starfield Backgrounds, tier list

Does Starfield Have Classes

Screenshot: Bethesda

Just like in other popular RPGs like Baldur’s Gate 3, I don’t think there is a “best” Background in Starfield. Sure, there are some that are more optimized for specific playthroughs, but all 21 Starfield Backgrounds are there to help you roleplay the exact character you want.

That said, I think there are a few that are objectively better than others because they give you some of the best starter skills. So, here are the best Starfield Backgrounds ranked.

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S-Tier Starfield Backgrounds

  • Soldier – Fitness, Ballistic, Boost Pack Training
  • Cyber Runner – Stealth, Security, Theft
  • Cyberneticist – Medicine, Security, Lasers
  • [FILE NOTE FOUND] – Wellness, Ballistics, Piloting
  • Space Scoundrel – Pistole Certification, Piloting, Persuasion
  • Diplomat – Persuasion, Commerce, Wellness

The best Backgrounds in Starfield are the ones that give you three excellent starter skills. In fact, just for your reference as you’re picking your Background, you should see what the best skills are in Starfield.

Aside from roleplaying, specific Backgrounds give you specific dialogue choices. While these are the best Backgrounds because they are fun to roleplay, have great dialogue choices, and have the best starter skills like Boost Pack Training, Ballistics, and Security, you should pick a Background that you want to roleplay.

A-Tier Starfield Backgrounds

  • Bounty Hunter – Piloting, Target Control Systems, Boost Pack Training
  • Ronin – Dueling, Stealth, Scavenging
  • Xenobiologist – Lasers, Surveying, Fitness
  • Beast Hunter – Fitness, Ballistics, Gastronomy

The A-Tier Starfield Backgrounds have some of the best starter skills but have one that isn’t that great but definitely isn’t bad. However, all A-tier Backgrounds are really cool to roleplay.

B-Tier Starfield Backgrounds

  • Combat Medic – Pistol Certification, Medicine, Wellness
  • Long Hauler – Weight Lifting, Piloting, Ballistic Weapon Systems
  • Sculptor – Medicine, Geology, Persuasion

The B-Tier Starfield Backgrounds have one or two great starter skills, but some that hold it back. Plus, in my opinion, these Backgrounds aren’t incredibly fun to play.

C-Tier Starfield Backgrounds

  • Industrialist – Persuasion, Security, Research Methods
  • Bouncer – Boxing, Security, Fitness
  • Gangster – Shotgun Certification, Boxing, Theft
  • Explorer – Lasers, Astrodynamics, Surveying
  • Chef – Gastronomy, Dueling, Scavenging
  • Homesteader – Geology, Surveying, Weight Lifting
  • Pilgrim – Scavenging, Surveying, Gastronomy
  • Professor – Astrodynamics, Geology, Research Methods

There are a lot of C-Tier Starfield Backgrounds, and they consist of Backgrounds with only one or two good starter skills and usually one or two really bad starter skills. Also, I think all the Backgrounds in the C-Tier aren’t as fun to play.

I love playing the quiet rogue type in Bethesda RPGs, and the Cyber Runner fits the brief. With Stealth, I’ll be able to sneak around without getting detected and deal higher starting damage on enemies. Security is basically Lockpicking in The Elder Scrolls, which will come in handy. Theft allows me to steal valuable items without getting caught.

If sneaking isn’t your style, I’d say the next best Starfield Background is Soldier because you get three great starter skills with Fitness, Ballistic, and Boost Pack Training. I personally went with [FILE NOT FOUND] because I thought it was interesting and it has three good starter skills, but there are no dialogue options for this Background. You’re literally a ghost.

Lastly, if none of those options interest you, Diplomat is a solid option. Diplomat is the best pick for those who like to talk their way out of situations. They get Persuasion, which allows you to avoid conflict and potentially get your way through dialogue; Commerce, which helps you buy and sell at better prices; and Wellness, which increases your overall health.

Which Background are you going to pick? While you mull it over, why not check out our Starfield review?

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