Best Supports Tier List In Star Wars Hunters
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Best Supports tier list in Star Wars Hunters, ranked

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Star Wars Hunters only includes three Support Hunters at the time of writing this, but some are still better than others. Let’s uncover the best Supports in Star Wars Hunters through a ranked tier list.

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Star Wars Hunters: Best Supports, ranked tier list

Surprisingly, all three Support characters in this online multiplayer team-based shooter are excellent choices. While testing them all out, there were a few differences between the three that solidified who deserved to be higher-tiered than the rest. From good to great, here’s the ranked tier list of all Supports in SWH.

  • B-Tier: Zaina
  • A-Tier: Skora
  • S-Tier: Sprocket
Best Supports Tier List In Star Wars Hunters Zaina
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B-Tier: Zaina

Zaina provides better healing for her allies than she does damage to enemies. Compared to the other two Supports, I have to put Zaina at B-Tier due to this imbalance. Bacta Bomb provides a substantial amount of healing to allies, but only for a short burst of time.

Zaina’s Dodge Roll can be useful in specific situations and can reset Weapon Overheating, but it doesn’t do much else than that. Her ultimate Rallying Cry is good for giving allies even more health, but Zaina isn’t strong enough on her own to help her team in crucial moments.

Best Supports Tier List In Star Wars Hunters Skora
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A-Tier: Skora

Skora is an excellent choice for a Support Hunter. It was difficult to determine whether she deserved S or A-Tier, especially since her Dart Gun can deal a decent amount of damage to enemies, and on the flip side, you can heal allies by shooting them.

Skora’s Stim-Shot is pretty good when it comes to passive healing, but it doesn’t compare to her ultimate Unstable Cocktail which heals allies over time in a larger area. She also has an Adrenaline Boost ability that allows her to run quickly, giving you ample time to reach teammates who need healing.

Best Supports Tier List In Star Wars Hunters Sprocket
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S-Tier: Sprocket

I placed Sprocket on S-Tier simply because he has a great balance of both healing and damaging enemies. As a Support, Sprocket has Drone Defense to protect both himself and nearby allies, and his Medical Droid significantly heals allies within a large area over time.

Then you have the sub-DPS side of Sprocket that is stronger than you may realize. His Targeting Drone emphasizes the damage dealt to an enemy while also revealing them. Then you have Sprocket’s ultimate Ultra Turret that can decimate enemies with streams of bullets for a short period. Sprocket is the best healer in Star Wars Hunters and sits on S-Tier due to the incredible balance of his kit.

Now that you know more about the best Supports in Star Wars Hunters, you should also take into account which Tanks and Damage characters are the best.

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