Best Toppings Build For Golden Cheese Cookie Run Kingdom Raspberry
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Best Toppings build for Golden Cheese Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

One of the five Ancient Heroes.

If you recently got a hold of the Golden Cheese Cookie, but aren’t sure how to build her, here are the best Toppings for her in Cookie Run Kingdom.

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This magnificent cookie is a Ranged fighter in Middle position and is an Ancient Rarity. To get the best use out of Golden Cheese Cookie, here’s how to properly build her Toppings.

There are a few great options when it comes to the best Toppings for Golden Cheese Cookie. Because of her position and combat type, the perfect Toppings for Golden Cheese Cookie are either x5 Searing Rasberry, x5 Radiant Cheese Raspberry, or x5 Swift Chocolate.

Best Toppings Build For Golden Cheese Cookie Run Kingdom
Screenshot: Devsisters

Searing Raspberry

Five Searing Rasberry Toppings together will increase Golden Cheese Cookie’s overall ATK. Equipping three will add +3% ATK, while equipping five adds +5% ATK. She can deal a ton of skill damage from a Ranged position with these Toppings.

They come in XS sizes, and can only level up to level six. This means that at level six you’ll get a +31% ATK boost.

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Radiant Cheese Raspberry

The Radiant Cheese Raspberry Toppings are probably even better than Searing Raspberry. This is because these Toppings can level up all the way to level 12, and they also increase ATK. With five equipped you can gain +5% ATK.

They also come in M sizes. By level 12, your Radiance Cheese Raspberry Toppings will give you a +61% ATK boost.

Swift Chocolate

If you don’t want to increase Golden Cheese Cookie’s ATK score, you can always go for five Swift Chocolate Toppings. These will reduce her skill’s Cooldown by 5% with five equipped, making it easier for you to perform her vital skills more often.

Coming in XS sizes, and having a maximum level of six, at max level you’ll gain an extra +1% Cooldown. Honestly, while Swift Chocolate is useful, I believe Radiant Cheese Raspberry is the best overall Toppings choice for that extra ATK boost.

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