Cookie Run Kingdom Linzer Cookie Toppings Build
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Best Toppings Build for Linzer Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

A regular Agatha Crispy at your service!

If you enjoyed the Holiday Express event in Cookie Run Kingdom then you likely enjoyed Linzer Cookie. With the flair of a classic mystery novelist, she’s an excellent Epic-rarity asset. To play her right, you’ll need the best toppings build for Linzer Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)!

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Cookie Run Kingdom Linzer Cookie Toppings Build Swift Chocolate
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Linzer Cookie is a phenomenal debuff machine in Cookie Run Kingdom, Swift Chocolate is the best of her toppings options. As she brings up the rear and is usually best served as a glass cannon, consider 5 Swift Chocolate for your build here.

Additionally, a mix of Swift Chocolate and either (but not both) Juicy Apple Jelly or Searing Raspberry can work. Either of these should be added at a quantity of 1 or 2 max, with Chocolate taking focus. This helps boost Crit rates or Attack respectively, either to capitalize on her unique Skill while keeping cooldown low, or boosting attack to take advantage of Linzer’s debuffs.

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The Swift Chocolate topping lowers her otherwise long cooldown on her signature Skill, “The Culprit… is YOU!” It normally has a 16-second cooldown, so cracking down on this is vital to keep pressure off your front attackers and defenses. The effects of her Skill are the following:

  • Applies Deduction stacks, Max being 7.
  • Suspect: Debuff for 15 seconds making enemies take +10% DMG of all types along with their ATK reduced -5%.
  • Suspect also comes with the following debuffs applied per Deduction stack:
    • +10% DMG.
    • -2% ATK.
  • AoE: Linzer Cookie’s Skill hits the surrounding area with base 433.6% of her ATK.
  • Target Damage: Linzer Cookie’s Skill hits targets up to 3 times over 1.5 seconds for base 552.7% DMG per hit.
  • Allies Crit Rate +15% for 15 seconds.
  • At Maximum Deduction Stacks, you can get the following bonuses for 15 seconds:
    • +25% Crit DMG for Allies.
    • -35% DEF for enemies.
Cookie Run Kingdom Linzer Cookie Toppings Build Skill
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This results in a mean combination of offensive output and keeping enemies extra-weak. Keeping this cooldown reduced by up to 5% can result in shaving off that precious second, meaning stubborn enemies won’t escape that debuff. Put Linzer Cookie with some Swift Chocolate and either Searing Raspberry or Juicy Apple Jelly toppings to close the book on her foes in Cookie Run Kingdom!

Be sure to also check out the Holiday Express event featuring Linzer Cookie and more!

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