Best units to use Emblem Chrom & Robin with in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Chrom

Fire Emblem Engage has received a bevy of DLC in its post-launch roadmap. This includes four waves of DLC, one of which is a new story. Waves 1-3 of the DLC bring various items to the game, and more importantly, new Emblems for you to use in combat. Emblems Chrom & Robin, who are from Fire Emblem Awakening on the 3DS, came as a single package in Wave 3 of the DLC. Here’s our guide on the best units to use Emblem Chrom & Robin with in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best units to use Emblem Chrom & Robin with in Fire Emblem Engage

Mage Knights

Mage Knights are units in Fire Emblem Engage who can use both swords and tomes. This is why they’re pretty good to p[air with Chrom/Robin. Specializing in the weapons you receive from using these Emblems is a leg up in comparison to other units, because not many specialize in Magic and Physical Attack. 

Fogado/Bow users

While other bow users could deserve a slot here, we think Fogado suits Emblem Chrom & Robin the best. This is due to the chance that Fogado’s Magic stat can be higher than other bow units, making the Tomes you get from using Chrom & Robin worthwhile.

Bow users in general are great to use with this Emblem bracelet because of the buffs to Speed/Dexterity that Chrom & Robin provide. There’s also the added skill that Chrom & Robin have called ‘Surprise Attack,’ which allows units to not be counterattacked if they initiate combat from a +Avo terrain. This makes units like Etie, who gains extra Avo thanks to being a Covert unit, also usable. Etie also gains another bonus from being a Covert unit: a +1 Mov while Engaged with Emblem Chrom & Robin thanks to the Other Half skill’s Type Bonus. Surprise Attack is also an inheritable skill, so you can use it on units without needing to have Chrom & Robin attached to them.

Fire Emblem Engage Chrom Best Units

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Dragon units

Dragon units are also very usable with Chrom & Robin in Fire Emblem Engage. This is due to the Engage skill and attack changes for Dragon units. Emblem Chrom & Robin’s Engage skill ‘Other Half,’ which allows Robin to chain attack if the user initiates combat, increases to chain attacks to two if the user is a Dragon unit. Chrom & Robin’s Engage attack on the other hand, ‘Giga Levin Sword,’ deals extra damage equal to half of the user’s strength if they’re a Dragon unit.

Other Unit Type Bonuses 

It’s also worth mentioning at the end of this segment how other unit types also gain Type Bonuses from Emblem Chrom & Robin’s different abilities/skills. As mentioned above, Covert units gain an extra +1 Mov while Engaged with Emblem Chrom & Robin thanks to Other Half. This skill also has a Type Bonus for Backup units too, making sure they land chain attacks 100% of the time.

For Giga Levin Sword, there are also a few Type Bonuses that are good to keep in mind for builds. These are for the Mystical and Flying unit types specifically, these have similar effects as the Dragon Unit type bonus but are for their Magic and Build stats respectively. For Flying units it adds extra damage equal to your Build stat, and for Mystical units, it adds half of your Magic stat as extra damage.

Best skills to inherit from Emblem Chrom & Robin in Fire Emblem Engage

Some of the best skills to inherit have been mentioned, such as the Spd/Dex buffs, and Surprise Attack, but there are more too. For a unit who deals critical damage often, ‘Brute Force’ can be a good option. This skill allows the critical hits of the user to deal increased damage, which is always nice to have.

Another skill that’s a good investment from Emblem Chrom & Robin is ‘Rally Spectrum’ and its upgraded version. This skill allows you to grant adjacent allies +3 to all seven basic stats for one turn. This is a great buff skill which you can use very efficiently if you line up units correctly.

Fire Emblem Engage is available from the Nintendo Store.

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