10 best Victim Perks in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, ranked

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Anytime you play as a Victim in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you have the choice of using three Perks. Not all are available to you, you’ll need to unlock them using the skill tree. Each perk earns you unique abilities, and sometimes upgrades your attributes. The best perks are the ones that gives you useful skills, which is what we’ll be examining in this list. Here are 10 of the best Victim Perks ranked in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 10 best Victim Perks, ranked tier list

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S-tier Victim Perks in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

  • Choose Flight – Endurance
  • What Doesn’t Kill You – Toughness
  • No Sell – Toughness

Some of the most important Perks in Texas Chain Saw Massacre have to do with your survivability. Choose Flight is a must-have for characters like Julie (check out our Julie build guide to learn more), whose main ability has to do with sprinting away from the Family. With this Perk, your Stamina bar completely refreshes once depleted. At level one, it has a single charge, and for each level up to level three it gets an additional charge. That means you can sprint for an incredibly long time!

What Doesn’t Kill You is a Toughness Perk which replenishes your health from avoiding taking damage for the next 15 seconds after a melee attack. It’ll reward you with 50% health at level one, at by level three it reaches a whopping 100%. The last one in the S-tier is No Sell, another Toughness Perk. If you get hit by a Family member, this Perk will lessen the damage you take. It has the same amount of charges as your Perk level, and by level three, you can take 80% less damage. Both these Perks mesh well with Ana and Leland, who are some of the strongest Victims in the game.

Best Victim Perks In Texas Chain Saw Massacre Ranked

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A-tier Victim Perks in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

  • Efficient Locksmith – Proficiency
  • Intuition – Proficiency
  • Choose Fight – Strength
  • Bound Back Better – Toughness

In the Proficiency category, Efficient Locksmith and Intuition are great A-tier Victim Perks. You’ll have a chance to not consume your Unlock Tool after using it with Efficient Locksmith, going from 20-40% over three levels. I find this extremely useful with someone like Connie, who specializes in lockpicking. Intuition is also great for players who often have a tough time finding key items. If you’re holding a valve or fuse, the place you can use the key item is highlighted for a good amount of seconds (40-100 seconds over three levels).

Otherwise, Choose Fight is a perfect Perk for a Strength-based build. Any sneak attacks or close encounters stun Family members longer; it lasts for 2 seconds at level one, 3.5 at level two, and 5 at level three. Finally, Bounce Back Better is vital if you rely on healing items often. The amount of healing you get is increased quite a bit. When you heal yourself or you’re getting healed, the items are 25% more effective, then 40% at level three. I often find the healing items don’t work as well as I’d like, making this a high-tier Perk.

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B-tier Victim Perks in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

  • Sanguine Shadow – Stealth
  • Overlooked – Stealth
  • Empowered – Endurance

Finally, Sanguine Shadow and Overlooked are the best B-tier Stealth Victim Perks. Sanguine Shadow allows you to gain back health slowly if you sit in shadows or hiding spots, but only if you drop below 30% health. At least by level three, it can work if you drop to 60% health, and it even heals you more per second. Overlooked is a great Perk that will highlight all Family members for five seconds when Grandpa’s Sonar ability is activated. The charges increase all the way to seven by level three. Someone like Sonny would work well with this Perk, since his main ability has to do with sensing the Family’s locations.

Also, we can’t forget about Empowered, which is a decent Endurance Perk. After you survive a close encounter, you regain some health (50 at level three) and earn back a percentage of your max stamina (90% at level three). Because it aids both your health and stamina, this Perk is definitely worthwhile. It’s also buffed pretty nicely at its highest level.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is available on Steam.

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