Best ways to get money in Like a Dragon Gaiden

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Money sometimes feels like it makes the world go ’round, and the world you explore in Like a Dragon Gaiden is no exception. Here is our guide explaining the best ways to get money in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Like a Dragon Gaiden – best ways to get money

In Like a Dragon Gaiden, money plays a significant role. You need it to buy better gear so you will fare better in combat. It’s also required when you want to learn new skills. Therefore, you should figure out ways to amass a lot of the stuff. The best ways to get money are to win events at the coliseum, to complete requests for Akame, and to trounce a bunch of thugs.

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You meet Akame very early in the campaign, in Chapter 2: Castle on the Water. The game spends the next few hours familiarizing you with the various services she offers, along with their rewards. Typically, you get money and Akame Points both as you complete various requests that become available over the campaign’s remainder.

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As you earn Akame Points and money, invest in the Akame Network. You have to complete additional requests and missions to level up the network and access new investment opportunities. Some of the investments increase the frequency with which defeated enemies drop loot (which is usually money). Always prioritize such investments, even if doing so means waiting longer to purchase a neat item or skill. That way, you can get money more easily in every subsequent battle. If thugs drop various metal plates, take them to Ebisu Pawn Sotenbori and sell them to get even more money.

Leveling up the network allows you to participate regularly in fighting events at the Castle. These events sometimes pay huge rewards. At their upper level, they might award nearly two million yen for a single team battle victory. I haven’t found a way to get money at a faster rate anywhere else in the game, even if the battles do get a bit repetitive. I recommend lowering the difficulty so they at least end more quickly if you need to amass a fortune.

Finally, you get money from your regular exploration. At the start of the game, thugs don’t drop much money, and they don’t drop it frequently. As you invest in the network, the frequency increases. So does the amount dropped. A defeated thug might drop as much as 100,000 yen. If you take out a large group, you could make as much as 300,000 yen or so, and those groups regenerate quickly. You can simply run around the streets, battling and adding to your fortune. I like the streets along the north part of the map. Ashitaba Park is another rich hunting ground.

Before you know it, you’ll be the wealthiest tough guy in all of Sotenbori.

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