Bethesda had so much fun with their obscure set of clues for The Evil Within, that they’re doing it again with something labelled ‘#1960.’ Initially, the developer tweeted a mash-up of three images. To fend off the inevitable curiosity about whether this is something Fallout-related, the Bethblog twitter followed up with the information that “this morning’s tease is not related to anything @BGS_Devs [Bethesda Game Studios] is working on.”

So, that means no in-house stuff. With The Evil Within already revealed, that leaves possibilities like the oft-rumoured return to Wolfenstein by Machinegames, outliers like the floundering Prey 2 development, or some new intellectual property entirely.

The three close-up and apparently CG images were eventually posted at GameSpot and don’t reveal a great deal. But lets have a look at them anyway.

1960 (2)

This is clearly a traffic light, suggesting that Bethesda are finally getting into the simulator market with Traffic Congestion Simulator 2014.

1960 (1)

The shadows of small children in this image seem to reinforce the theory that Traffic Congestion Simulator 2014 will have a strong emphasis on road safety and may also take place in a dystopian future where the machines rule us all.

1960 (3)

This is probably one of the robot buddies you’ll use to help you keep the flow of traffic running smoothly. With deadly force if necessary.

Seriously though, I have no idea.

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