Bethesda on The Elder Scrolls Online beta confirmation email problem

elder_scrolls_online_wallpaper (1)

If you have signed up for the The Elder Scrolls Online beta which opened up this week and failed to receive a confirmation email, fear not, they are aware of the problem and issued a statement earlier this evening.

We are aware that some people have still not received their beta sign-up confirmation email after successfully submitting an ESO beta application. We are aware of this issue and are currently investigating it. We will provide an update about it by 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Monday, January 28th.

As a reminder, we are not sending out beta invitations yet. When we do, we’ll make an announcement about it on our website, here on Facebook, and our other ESO social media pages so that everyone knows to keep an eye on their email.

So hang in there, it may still arrive and you’re not being ignored.

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