TigerandLily unveiled an interesting new indie in EGX Rezzed, which introduces a fresh paradigm onto the adventure genre. Introducing Beyond Eyes.

You play Rae, a 10 year old who ventures to find her cat, Nami.

As Rae ventures forth into the world, the endless white gives way to details as Rae approaches them. In a way, it plays out like a roguelike, as you never know what you’ll run across next until you’re there.

Beyond Eyes

You may have already guessed what this game is about. Rae was blinded by fireworks when she was very young, and this quest to find Nami is her first foray into the outside world. Lacking sight, Rae relies on her senses of smell, hearing, and touch, to maneuver around the world.

Unfortunately, Rae is scared of loud sounds, but she has something else on her side: you, the player.

Beyond Eyes will be releasing this year on Linux, Mac, Windows, Xbox One, and PS4.

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