Bill Roper Responds To Champions Online PS3 Rumours

Bill Roper has suggested that Champions may end up on PS3, but it’s uncertain.We had the chance to interview Roper earlier this week, and we thought we’d ask him about the job advertisement for a PS3 programmer on Cryptic’s site that just happened to mention Champions Online.”Well, since the acquisition by Atari, we’re definitely trying to gear up to potentially bring the product onto any of the platforms – PC and consoles,” he said.Sadly for PS3 fans, Roper followed this by saying, “We’re not actually doing any PS3 development in-house, but I think they want to start going out and finding people who have experience doing that, to give us the potential to do it in the future.”So it looks like Champions isn’t in the works for PS3 right now, but Cryptic appears to be keeping their options open, and possibly working towards it.For more on this and a lot of other Champions information, check out our interview with Bill Roper later on today.