BioWare gives minimal E3 tease of more Mass Effect

BioWare gives minimal E3 tease of more Mass Effect
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The question is: who is that person?

If you’re a Mass Effect fan, you’ve probably been hoping to see something from the next title at this E3. It’s not secret that BioWare is working on it, so the EA press event could’ve been a chance to share more details.

In the most literal sense of “sharing more details,” I suppose that’s what BioWare did, but information was very slim and awfully vague. A video showcase flicked between talking BioWare heads and new Mass Effect concept art as rather vague terms like “new places, new characters, new people to fall in love with” were uttered.

What I got from this is that the next Mass Effect will be in “a new region of space,” where you can “pick a planet across the other side of the galaxy and see what you can discover.” So … kind of like the very first game?

It was added that “fans of the series will be surprised at just how far we’re going,” which to me suggests worlds that are more distant and alien than those found in the original trilogy. But it’s hard to be sure with this much vagueness. I did spot what appeared to be a roaring Krogan at the end, so there’s some grounding the prior games too.

Here’s the footage.

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