Multiversus Black Adam Delayed

It looks like Black Adam’s entrance into the MultiVersus roster has been delayed. This was announced earlier today in a short tweet from the official MultiVersus Twitter account that simply says “Black Adam is not quite ready to change the hierarchy of MultiVersus.” There’s no word on when we can expect Black Adam’s debut, so for now, we’ll have to keep waiting.

It was just a couple of days ago that we learned when Black Adam would be joining the MultiVersus roster. But we knew that he’d be coming to the game long before then, so to see Black Adam be delayed suddenly is rather confusing. There’s also the recent Black Adam movie that just came out, making his inclusion in MultiVersus extremely timely.


MultiVersus, like any other fighting game, has to balance its varied roster carefully. If a character simply doesn’t fit the game, it’s likely a better option to hold off on releasing them and balance them further. This is likely the case for Black Adam, as well. Perhaps he really did change the hierarchy of MultiVersus in a way that wasn’t the best for the game. Devin Gajewski, the technical systems designer for Player First Games, also reiterated that Black Adam needs more time.

Black Adam’s appearance will come soon

There were likely many who were excited to see another new character come to the game. But Black Adam’s MultiVersus delay shouldn’t be a very long one. Season one is due to end on November 15, so it’s likely Player First Games will release him before then. Black Adam’s release was also supposed to be alongside a new Arcade Mode, but there’s no word on whether that’s been delayed as well. We aren’t even sure what this mode actually is. The hope is that we’ll find out the dates for these inclusions soon.

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