This may just be an oversight, but there’s no mention of the expected Black Emporium addition in BioWare’s newly released Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 5 notes.

Update 3 March: BioWare confirms the Black Emporium is not part of Patch 5. Rest of the original story follows.

When a PC beta for Patch 5 was announced in February, the Black Emporium was front and center of the upcoming features. It’s an underground shop for Dragon Age: Inquisition, said (at the time) where players could “find powerful artifacts and tools to aid their cause, purchase epic weapons, powerful accessories [and] new crafting materials and schematics.”

The Emporium will also house a ‘Mirror of Transformation’ enabling people to change the face and voice of their Inquisitor. Patch 5’s notes also make no mention of things like armour tinting which were proposed at the time of the beta’s announcement.

Again, this may just be oversight. Worst case scenario is probably that the Black Emporium aspects have been pushed to Patch 6 instead.

Patch 5 does include party storage at Skyhold, which was another of the features mentioned back in February. The other aspects listed in the notes are primarily fixes for various bugs. Things like improving archer AI to discourage them from melee combat, applying the True Grit perk to all party members, and a “loot exploit.”

BioWare do not say when Patch 5 will be released, but since the notes are being published it’ll presumably be quite soon. PC players will be able to toggle mouselook with this update, but are warned that “this feature is still under development and does not act optimally under all conditions.”

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