Black Mist Game March Release Date

Gather round ye olden citizens and hear this about the new medieval turn-based strategy game Black Legend. There is a blighted mist which has turned the king’s soldiers into raving madmen. It is up to you to set things right, and it’s not like you have much of a choice. For you see, your king demands you lead the resistance and return things to normal. Judging by the number of dead people in the trailer, you could easily fit in with that crowd if you don’t go about saving ye olde kingdom.

Black Legend is a game developed by Belgian studio Warcave and releases on March 25. It sounds interesting in that it seems to draw from the chaotic political movements and urban legends that medieval times are generally known for. In this story-heavy adventure, a mad alchemist makes a bid for power by unleashing a strange mist that throws the city into an upheaval. You will be able to recruit several heroes from 15 different classes as you go about fighting off cultists and folklore-inspired monsters to bring things back to normal. You can select melee oriented characters, ranged skirmishers, or even use a bit of your own alchemy to vanquish foes.


Leading requires tactics

The gameplay for Black Legend sounds to be the general focus of the development team. If you enjoy the idea of using your brain a little more than your reflexes for once, the turn-based combat should please. The new trailer provides a glimpse at how you’ll do your fighting, but there’s clearly a lot more to it than that. Warcave also seems to have a gripe with failed attacks and misses in other games, as it guarantees that attacks will land on enemies as expected in Black Legend. That’s probably for the better too, because you’ll then be able to plan out your next several moves with assurance of success.

Looking the part?

The graphics do appear a bit dated, but the visuals and character models are certainly acceptable if you’re in it for the story and gameplay. The many strange things at work are sure to keep your attention on progression. I suppose there’s a certain irony in the olden game having olden graphics as well. The good news is that you’ll not have to worry too much about this one crushing your PC. That’s always a perk in a day and age where hardware is expensive and hard to come by.

Black Legend is a single-player only game. You can wishlist it now on Steam if it has your attention.

Kevin Foley
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