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Bringing your fists to a gunfight may not be the smartest thing to do, but that didn’t stop this fighting game duo from busting onto the Fortnite scene. Blanka and Sakura, two characters from the Street Fighter franchise, will attempt to reach victory on Fortnite island, using their wits and fists to take over Tomato Town. They¬†may be equipped with a weapon or two, but that doesn’t matter. They know how to fight better than anyone.

The Blanka Outfit will transform your Fortnite character into the green beast Street Fighter players know and love. There’s a Blanka Delgado alternate costume as well. You will also get a Blanka Backflip to emote to flex on your opponents in style. Included with the outfit is the Blanka-Chan Back Bling, which gets more electrified “the more eliminations you get in a match.” Finally, you’ll receive the Tropical Hazard Kebab Pickaxe.


Street Fighter x Fortnite

Ryu is already having fun on Fortnite island, meaning Sakura was bound to follow. She wants to prove herself as worthy as Ryu, and you can help her by equipping the Sakura Outfit. This outfit comes with the Sakura Gym alternate costume, inspired by her Street FIghter IV alternate skin. You’ll also have access to Sakura’s Victory Sway emote, as well as the Hanakaze Claw Back Bling. Lastly, there’s a special Fighting Tournament Trophy Pickaxe and the Kayari Buta Glider available.

This collaboration will come with a bonus stage, the Blanka and Sakura Cup, which features both a mobile-only and an all-platform cup that will begin on April 28. The top performing players in all regions will receive a special Bonus Stage Loading Screen. You can participate in this event if you have 2FA enabled and have a verified Epic account. Your account also must be level 50 and above. The Blanka and Sakura skins will also drop into the item shop later this week on April 28 at 8 PM ET.

Sakura Blanka Fortnite

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