Fortnite street fighter crossover

Fortnite’s crossover potential seems limitless these days. If anyone asked me to start naming all of the icons that have arrived to the builder battle royale, I’d quickly run out of fingers before deciding to just give up. The latest additions include Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe, the Predator, Terminator characters, and even Tron stuff. Street Fighter is the latest series to crossover with Fortnite. Fans of both series are sure to like what’s coming.

Chun-Li and Ryu are each going to be available in the item shop soon. Or at least that’s the idea. Predator turned out to be free and part of the Battle Pass, but it doesn’t look like there are anymore hidden surprises. Expect to pay for the characters in the Street Fighter x Fortnite crossover.


Epic first teased the crossover with a Reality Log tweet that included audio where the words “Hadouken” and “Shoryuken” were shouted out. Fans will recognize these as iconic shouts from Street Fighter. The game also features a preview portal on the map where an iconic location from the Street Fighter series can be viewed. You’ll need to land near one of the portals branching off from the Zero Point on the map to get glimpse for yourself, but you can check out ShiinaBR’s tweet to see the assets here.

At any rate, the character models for Ryu and Chun-Li look great in the Fortnite style. They are sure to come along with some extras like Back Bling. However, we’d have to guess they will feature custom melee animations in lieu of the usual pickaxe options.

Who’s next?

There’s still time in this season for more crossovers to happen. Chapter 2 Season 5 has a few weeks left, and there’s sure to be word on the next season finale event soon. If you have the battle pass and need to push through to earn more rewards, check out our Fortnite guide hub for guides on weekly challenges and everything Season 5.

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