Blizzard react angrily to IncGamers David Brevik interview

Last night we posted an interview with Diablo creator David Brevik who is currently working on the ARPG Marvel Heroes. Over night things heated up and sadly members of the Diablo 3 development team took offence at David’s responses in our interview.

This is not how you conduct yourself

When I conducted the interview I asked David to be honest and open about the latest Diablo title, after all, he had invested years in helping build up the franchise name and created two outstanding ARPGs with the first two Diablo titles.

This morning I think the whole industry was saddened to see the Blizzard Diablo 3 team hit Facebook with very uncalled for comments. Not only was David polite but he was also entitled to his opinion, just like anyone who has picked up and played Diablo 3 since launch.

Having followed Diablo 3 more closely than most, I was extremely disappointed to see that Blizzard can not  take criticism from their customers or from members of the videogame industry. It is highly unprofessional to react in the way they did.

As we all know, and David quite rightly pointed out in the interview, the Diablo 3 team made some fundamental game design errors which effectively turned many of the fans  off the game in a matter of weeks. Not even Blizzard can deny that Diablo 3 has been hit by massive game issues, despite being alerted to them by the community for years, which is why the Facebook responses this morning were all the more shocking.

It is refreshing when a developer speaks his/her mind, the industry needs more of it. Constructive criticism from developers and the community is of the utmost importance during a game’s development cycle to help make a game the best it can be. Developers need to embrace this feedback, something Blizzard has failed to do for a long time now.

As Blizzard watched players numbers drop after launch they had to take notice of the community, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime stressed in a statement to the players he wanted this to be game that was played for many years to come so action had to be taken and fast. It was only after all the backlash from the players and the  lack of people actually logging in that anything was done.

Blizzard has gone back to the drawing board to sort out the endgame and intemisation with patch v1.0.4, and as a Diablo player, I am hoping that these changes will revitalise the game and help bring the franchise back to its former glory.

What the current Blizzard team seem to forget is that although Diablo 3 sold 10 million copies on release, it was the previous two games that more than helped shift these numbers. David Brevik is part of the Diablo franchise legacy and Blizzard should not forget that.

If you have not seen the interview then you can watch it below…

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Phukkitt

      Seems like some of them deleted their comments:

      • Bessiedlu

        Joshua implied I’m in shock that a person can make $4913 in 4 weeks on the network. have you look this(Click on menu Home)

      • Bessiedlu


      • psyounger

        Apparently so, realising the error of their ways.

      • Dickhole

        Patrick Stone apparently spent 6 years making “random” levels. I think that means he got paid 6-years of salary for making 3 repeating dungeons.

      • Travis Woerndell

        Wow, just read Patrick’s reply… One of the things I really didn’t enjoy about Diablo 3 is how the map randomness is. It’s way too linear compared to Diablo 2.

        Sure, there’s levels that don’t change like Catacombs 4, Durance of Hate 3, Chaos Sanctuary, but you’re way more likely to overlook the next level of a dungeon than in Diablo 3. Act 3 was a nightmare to find the correct way, and if you have to leave in the middle of it you’re going through that all over again.

        In Diablo 3 it feels like you’re using the same 6 or 7 levels recycled over and over, and in many areas it feels way less. When you meet up with Jondar it feels like it cycles through 2 or 3 variations. A majority of act 4 is the same way. If I recall correctly, the bosses always have the same level (as does Diablo 2 though.)

    • djstar

      talk about foot in mouth. Blizzard didn’t realise their comments were public.

    • ex Diablo fan

      Props to David for saying what Diablo fans have been saying for years. Jay Wilson’s misguided ideas about the need to “fix” all that was wrong with Diablo has likely killed the franchise. Blizzard should wise up and show this arrogant and classless dolt the door.

      • psyounger

        That’s what I don’t get. Why just not admit they fell short and take it on the chin. We’ve all been saying it for a long time.

        • DavidTheSlayer

          It could be that they’re trying to protect investment stock?

    • btard

      we troll everyone on that pic until they commit suicide ! so posting this on /b/ 🙁

    • notod3

      Seems like they think “Hey, we spent x years working on this, it therefore HAS to be good.”

    • Brad

      Well this story and that screenshot pretty much did it for me. D3 has a
      problem, and its its dev team. They treated anyone that questioned them
      like crap for years leading up to launch and its clear that they still
      “dont get it” and most likely never will. D3 is as good as dead to me.

    • Jeff

      These people consider themselves “professionals?” Shameful

    • Jesse

      Agreed, I played Diablo 2 for seven years and loved every tireless hour I spent playing it. Blizzard should apologize already about how you released one of the biggest let downs in gaming history. Oh, and Jay, you should have listened to yourself when you said, “when it’s ready, it’s ready.” Stop licking your wounds and fix the problem, I’m gonna go puke.

    • Kosh

      “Since your work at Blizzard North finished?” Oh, you mean when Blizzard Irvine told them to shut down and move down to Irvine and Blizzard North told them all to get fucked? LOL … “work finished.” Anyway, as a former Blizzard employee, ROCK ON DAVID! Kick Blizzard’s sell outing ass!

    • Someone

      Blizzard needs to fall off the earth.

    • John

      They all viewed the commends made by David as negative because they know they’ve ruined the game. David never made any negative comments. He simply stated facts. The members of Blizzard that then posted turned around and actually said negative things about David and his work. Stay classy Blizzard.

      Jay’s apology made me chuckle too. They still think they can fix this fiasco of a game.

    • Angras

      So…this is why I am very happy I didn’t waste money on Diablo 3. Listen to your client base Blizzard o_0? I hope they realize that buy criticizing David just admits the fact they failed…it’s like a spoiled parochial school kid that lost their bible. Now is the proper time to come forward and just explain how much you fucked up with D3 Jay.

    • Guest

      ITs not Blizzard anymore its only Blizzard by name
      The company you are all mad at is now actually Activision who bought out Blizzard and is known for killing epic series.
      Blizzard is gone they just use it as a puppet now cause they know they are releasing garbage games just to make more money off of and they know you will continue to buy them. Sc2 sucked to. Fix the gaming communities already and give us private channels with operator status and let us make game names ffs this sh*ts garbage.

    • someone..

      someone censoring the wikipedia for blizzards… help…

    • Mike

      Ahhh dev’s… They may know how to write code but they’re still fucking clueless when it comes to the social aspect. (i know, i work with them on a day to day basis)

    • ZY

      I took a decade to finally let go of D2 and move on, but as for D3, just a mere 3 months.
      That sums up everything..

    • Yadiel Báez

      I think what I’m seeing here is their reactions in their PERSONAL Facebook accounts that are NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. So I don’t see anything wrong with it. As much as I agree that Diablo3 really sucks compared to it’s predecessors, I don’t think is proper to stalk their PERSONAL Facebook accounts and public their stuff as it they publicly said it to the press.

      • celleron

        They were open to the public. Nobody stalked anything.