Blood of Heroes Open Beta

Blood of Heroes is giving PC players the chance to battle it out in the upcoming open beta launching later this month.

Blood of Heroes offers PvP combat that is similar to Dark Souls with some elements of For Honor blended into the mix. The combat is said to provide a weighty feel, with a large emphasis on timing and decision making. Players must combine attacks, counters, and a wide variety of abilities to give their warriors an edge in the brutal battles of Blood of Heroes. In addition, Blood of Heroes will offer players a diverse set of warriors to choose from, each with their own unique weapons and abilities to suit different playstyles.



Blood of Heroes beta getting three game modes.

Beta players will be able to play solo or team up with other mighty warriors in team game modes. By participating in 1v1 duels, players will have their skills put to the test in their own customizable arenas. Players can personalize their own arenas by adding decorations, changing the weather, and even turning the tide of battle using Arena Cores.

In Brawl and Domination game modes, players can fight alongside friends in intense and unforgiving battles against the enemy team. These modes reward teamwork and synergy meaning even the most skilled warriors must learn how to fight together. In Brawl, players will form teams of three and fight it out in a simple and straightforward deathmatch. Domination offers larger-scale 5v5 battles which put an emphasis on strategic thinking and a more focused playstyle.

In addition, the Vizor Games development team has been collecting player feedback from the closed beta in hopes of improving player experience and introducing more content in preparation for launch. These changes mainly encompass additions to the friend system and a slew of balance changes.

This open beta will be exclusive to PC players, giving them a taste of the action prior to the full release. Players can register on the game’s website starting today in order to try out the open beta once it launches on August 26. Blood of Heroes will be free-to-play once it eventually launches at an unspecified date.Blood of Heroes Open Beta

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