Like a gloating Olympic champion, 2K Games has announced that Borderlands 2 has become the publisher’s most pre-ordered game of all time.

Take-Two (2K’s parent company) sales director Dave Gould revealed the news, saying:

“We’re exceptionally happy with the level of support gamers have shown to Borderlands 2, and the pre-orders are reflecting what a beloved franchise this is.”

I hate the term “gamers”. It’s not “filmers”, “bookers” or “music-ers” is it?

Gould continues:

“Orders are increasing week-on-week at a rate we’ve never before experienced for a 2K title, they are exceeding our already high expectations, there’s huge momentum behind the game.”

Dunno a thing about the ol’ Borderlands 2 don’t ya? Check out our lil’ candy dandy of a preview ‘ere.

Source: MCV

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