Jonathan Blow has revealed that a map editor and image importer will be coming to Braid’s Steam release.On the Steam forums, Blow responded to a question about a “hidden” map editor. “Yeah, after I get a new version out in a few days that fixes the problems some people are having, and when more people have played/finished the game, I am going to post up documentation for the editor.””[A]lso a tool will be released that lets you take Photoshop files and import them into the game, if you want to put new graphics in your levels.”Blow also responded to other questions in the thread, and revealed a little more about the editor. One user asked about the possibility of making the game support two players locally, just to further play with the time-bending mechanics. “Nope,” replied Blow, “doing two players isn’t really going to work – the game can’t do it. But you can do some interesting things that weren’t done in the original game.”The editor will alllow you to replace graphics, sounds, and levels, but it looks like it’s home computer only. Blow’s latest response in the thread was to a question as to whether there’ll be any additional Braid content on the Xbox (specifically, the editor, or a pack of user-made levels) in which he stated “It’s extremely unlikely that there will be anything more on the xbox. Sorry, the level editing and playing user-built stuff is PC-only (and Mac!)”We’ll keep you posted as more information appears.

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