June 22nd, 2017

Bright future: Dark Matter picked up by Iceberg Interactive

darkmatter (8)

Iceberg Interactive have announced that they’ve picked up survival horror/Metroidvania thing Dark Matter.

Interwave’s Dark Matter did not do spectacularly well on Kickstarter, managing to garner only £6,227 of the requested £50,000. Part of this is likely down to Kickstarter being a fickle mistress, part of it is likely down to the fact that it was done on the UK Kickstarter site instead of the US one, and part of it might just be because a fair few people didn’t know about it.

It certainly doesn’t appear to be down to the game’s quality – our own Peter Parrish quite liked what he played of Dark Matter, describing it in his preview as “a 2.5D version Dead Space, influenced by the highlights of Amiga-era side-scrollers.” Pretty high praise.

Dark Matter is due out in autumn 2013, and you can vote for it on Steam Greenlight over here.

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