June 20th, 2017

Brighten up: Metro: Last Light’s first DLC missions coming next week

metro last light faction pack

Metro: Last Light‘s Twitter feed says we can expect the Faction Pack DLC to hit the interwebs sometime next week.

The Faction Pack is the first of four DLC packs that’ll be popping up in the Season Pass, and lets you play as a Reich Heavy, a Ranger trainee, and a Red Line sniper in three brand-new missions. If nothing else, that should give a rather unique perspective on each of the game’s primary factions – and possibly its events, if the above Faction Pack screenshot is from the section I think it’s from. That, or it’s the start of a joke: “A Reich Heavy, a Ranger trainee, and a Red Line sniper walk into a DLC pack…”

The Faction Pack is priced at £3.99, with the Season Pass offering all four bits of DLC for £11.99. I liked Metro: Last Light quite a lot, so I’ll definitely be taking a look at this as soon as I can.

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