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The clues for the Call of Duty: Warzone Hunting the Enemy mission can be intentionally misleading, which makes it perhaps one of the more difficult missions to complete. There are a total of six intel locations that you will need to discover. Furthermore, it’s important to note that you can only collect one piece of intel per match. At the end of Hunting the Enemy, you will uncover a secret message.

Start hunting for Warzone intel

The first piece of fractured intel can be found at the TV Station. Here, you will find the intel on the huge curved newsroom desk inside the building. The intel that you are required to collect is the stack of paper that can be found on the desk. From here, the next series of clues will begin.

The next two intel locations are at the Verdansk airport. The first piece is located inside the airport at gate B-23, the side closest to the burning plane. The intel prompt is the computer on the desk. Also, this intel will indicate that the next piece is at the air control tower. Once you arrive, you will be required to climb up the tower and collect the intel from the monitors.

Warzone Hunting the Enemy fractured intel

The fourth piece of this puzzle will take you close to the Military Base. At the south of the military base you will see a crash site of an airplane. The intel at this airplane can be found in several areas so you should ensure you check the inside and outside of the plane until you find the prompt. Next, the fifth piece of intel is inside the military base, which is where the airplane was shot down from. You will find the intel which is a blue folder in the small building next to the hanger. The last piece of intel is in the Military Base as well. Next to the red and white radio tower, there is a small building which holds the final piece of intel. The prompt is the two monitors which are on the corner of the desk.

Warzone Hunting the Enemy fractured intel

Mission completion

Once you have completed the Warzone Hunting the Enemy mission, you will receive a decoded message and 10,000 XP. This message explains “Zakhaev’s plan is in motion. We thank the Lion for his support. He may return to Urzikstan.” It is still unclear what the narrative is leading to. However, Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 is just around the corner and fans may find out more upon its release. When completing the Hunting the Enemy mission, it can only be done in the standard battle royale modes. Although it would be useful to complete the intel hunt in modes such as Plunder where there are multiple respawns, this is not possible.

Warzone Hunting the Enemy fractured intel message

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone is set to release on August 5. It has also been confirmed in a trailer released by Activision, that there will be many changes to Verdansk. There are sure to be new missions like the Warzone intel collection task coming, so check back for more guides soon.

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