Activision launched the Call of Duty Elite service alongside Modern Warfare 3’s console release earlier this month; unless you were a PC user, in which case the multiplayer-embellishing service was delayed. Developers Beachhead cited the ‘insecurity’ of the PC as a platform for the delay, and detailed a few changes from the service console-users would be getting.
    Product director Noah Heller confirmed that the PC version would have “reduced functionality” and would essentially be about “access to your own stats, or those of your friends”. Elite on PC would not come with the reduced DLC prices that console subscribers enjoy, however it would be free for all to use.
    That is, if it comes out at all. A new twitter post from Beachhead’s official feed states: “We are working towards a universal Elite experience but we cannot guarantee if or when a version will be available for the PC”.
    Unless the writer has chosen his words poorly (always a possibility), this suggests the PC release of Elite may be sliding from “reduced functionality” to non-existence.
    [Update]: Activision says “The goal has always been to provide a PC offering for Elite … The timing for that free offering is still being determined, so stay tuned for news on that”. So it seems Elite will still be making it to the PC in some form or another.
    Source: twitter.com

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