Can you Romance Merfolk in Coral Island?

Coral Island Merfolk
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There are a whole host of characters to romance and eventually bequeath yourself to in Coral Island, but are the Merfolk part of this group? Who hasn’t wanted to date a half-fish person at least once in their life?

Can you romance and date a Merfolk?

Currently, you cannot romance any of the Merfolk. The three available characters are going to be on the list of love eventually, but this is coming later in the game. For now, you will just have to settle for the many other land-based people on Coral Island.

Never fear, though; the developers do have plans for romance options for the merfolk in Coral Island. As the game grows and reaches final development stages, there are sure to be many more options available. This also includes more Merfolk being added to the game.

With only one possible marriage allowed in the game and no chance of divorce, it is probably best for you to wait to decide who your own and only is.

Can you Romance Merfolk in Coral Island?
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How does dating Merfolk work in Coral Island? Explained

Like with all the other characters in the game, you will have to earn their hearts. By visiting the various Merfolk and chatting, you will slowly earn hearts towards the relationship.

By visiting at least once every in-game day and giving gifts, you will earn the love of the various characters in the game. Once the hearts reach the level of 8, you can finally begin your romance with the Merfolk. This starts as dating. However, once you manage to get their hearts up to level 10, it becomes possible to get married.

Once you are married, there is no going back. It is till death do you part. So, if you’re looking to get married to a Merfolk in Coral Island, you should probably wait until the update that allows it comes out.

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