Ling’s past in Coral Island, explained

Lings Past In Coral Island
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There are a plethora of characters and romance options to meet and befriend in this farming and life sim. One of the NPCs is Ling, the marine biologist. But there’s some mysterious information hiding in Ling’s past in Coral Island.

Some players online have been speculating over some interesting information discovered about Ling and where she came from. You can even find this stuff yourself while playing the game and being perceptive.

Coral Island: Ling’s mysterious past, explained

Ling is one of the many characters throughout Coral Island, and she works as a marine biologist at Ling’s Lab. She’s married to Randy and has a stepdaughter named Leah. But there are some fishy things about Ling’s past in Coral Island, pun intended, since many players believe that Ling is or was once a mermaid.

Lings Past In Coral Island Mermaid
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In Coral Island, you’ll come to meet the merfolk under the sea by continuing your diving quests. If you explore a certain area in the Merfolk Kingdom, you may come to find a portrait of a familiar face. This one player on Reddit shared an image of this portrait, saying how it looks just like Ling. But how would that be possible?

It seems that Ling may be part mermaid, or at least she could transform once she touches water, if that’s how it works in Coral Island. Then other players in the comments added on about this theory with a lot more proof. One person said that Princess Miranjani has an Aunt Liang, which is similar to Ling’s name, who told her things about the landfolk. Suspicious, right?

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Then another player said that the description of the Merfolk king mentions a little something about his sister Liang, who left Merfolk society. Everything really does add up once you realize Ling probably left the Merfolk kingdom, especially because during the Tree Planting Festival Ling talks about missing the ocean, but not being able to return.

With all this information in mind, it feels certain that Ling is or was once a mermaid, but perhaps had to leave due to unknown circumstances. Why can’t she return and why did she leave? Hopefully, with more gameplay or future updates, we’ll find out more about Ling’s mysterious past.

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Coral Island is available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

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