Coral Island: Gift guide for all villagers

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With nearly 30 romance options and even more NPCs to befriend in Coral Island, you’ll want to read this Gift guide for all the villagers on the island.

Gift giving will enhance your relationship with the characters you meet, but you need to know which gifts they actually like. Here’s a list of all villagers and what type of gifts they prefer.

All villagers favorite gifts in Coral Island

Universal Gifts

In Coral Island, these are gifts that anyone will like, no matter who they are. This makes it easy to befriend someone if you don’t really know them yet. But this gift guide is for all villagers in Coral Island, and after the universal gifts I’ll detail all NPC’s most loved gifts.

Coral Island: Gift guide for all villagers
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LoveGolden Pearls, Pink Diamonds, Rainbow Wool.
LikeAll artisan products, consumables, meals, flowers, fruit, gems, grains, milk, forgeables, vegetables.
NeutralAll Artifacts, mushrooms, herbs, minerals. Almonds, Apples, Bread, Canola, Coconuts, Lemons, Olives, Tortillas, Turnips, Violets.
DislikeAll fish, geodes, metals, ocean creatures, resources, shells. Barley, Canola Oil, Cotton, Rice, Soybeans, Wheat.
HateFailed dishes, explosives, garbage, insects, fossils, fodder, seeds, farming equipment.

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NameLoved Gifts
BenGreen tea, Bananas, all mushrooms.
CharlesDiamonds, Burritos, Falafels, Cookies, Strawberries, Blueberries.
KennyGreen tea, Lychees, Soybeans, Roasted almonds, Hash browns, Vegan tacos, Kombucha.
LukeStew, Ratatouille, Tomato soup, Butter croissants, Eggplant lasagna, Apple wine.
MarkHot cocoa, Egg custard, Tomato soup, Shiitakes.
NoahGnocchi, Roasted mushrooms, Sushi, Clam chowder, Sunny-side-up eggs, Durians.
PabloPizza, Pumpkin pies, Sweet potato poutine, Cauliflower casserole, Fried rice, all pickles.
RafaelSashimi, Onyx.
RajCoffee, Coffee beans, Donuts, Tea leaves, Green tea, Gesha coffee, Gesha coffee beans, Apple pie.
ScottEarth geodes, Mystery geodes, Fire geodes, Water geodes, Wind geodes, Giant stingrays, Yellow moray eels, Red king arowanas, Egg custards, Falafels.
SuryaMelons, Pufferfish, Wild mushroom polentas, Herbed tempeh, Lodeh.
TheoOctopus, Giant stingrays, Yellow moray eels, Green sawfish, Monkfish, Fish taco, Red king arowanas.
WakuuSalmon, Mangos, Vegan tacos, Chocolate chip muffins, Cenil.


NameLoved Gifts
AaliyahChocolate chip muffins, White hibiscus, Gesha coffee, Large gesha coffee, Hummus, Strawberries, Eggplant lasagna.
AliceAlmond oil, Olive oil, Green smoothie, Blue/Green/Purple/Yellow/Red dye, Minced jackfruit pie.
ChaemPizza, Seafood ramen, Veggie ramen, Basil pesto pasta, Gnocchi.
EvaDiamonds, Peonies, Red velvet cake, Orchids, Cookies.
LeahPearls, Hot cocoa, Silver bars, Osmium bars, Smoothies.
LilyPancakes, Onigiri, Taro root, Spring frittata, Omurice, Arichoke kimchi.
MacyPizza, Guacamole, Fruit tart, Rose quartz, Blue quartz.
MillieMelons, Olives, Sugarcane, Stew, Veggie ramen, Seafood ramen, Assorted grilled platter.
NinaFlower bouquets, Banada fritter, all juices.
SukiPearls, Diamonds, Minced jackfruit pie, Green smoothies.
YuriChocolate chip muffins, Green curry, Red curry, Lobster, Fish sandwich, Frogfish, Spicy sauerkraut.
ZarahGrilled fish, Azurite, Serpentine, Rambutan, Hummus.

Other NPCs

NameLoved Gifts
AnneGreen tea, Hummus, Carrots, Sunflowers, Fried tempeh, Artichoke kimchi.
AntonioCoffee, Serabi.
ArchiePumpkins, Stone, Ice cream, Burritos, Fish tacos, Basil pesto pasta, all gems, metal ores, and minerals.
BettyDaffodils, Green tea, Red velvet cakes, Cauliflower.
BreeFish tacos, Vega tacos, Jackfruit.
ChieftainSnake fruit, Durians, Rambutans, all gems.
ConnorSake, Bok Choy, Pineapple upside-down cake, White truffle oil.
DindaFlower bouquets, Pearls, Melons, Fresh salads.
DippaMorels, Beets, Radishes, Hawaiian pizza, Hash browns, all jams.
EleanorPuss moth, Spicebush swallowtail butterfly, pipevine swallowtail butterfly, Birdwing butterfly, Firefly, Green tea, Lychee
EmilyOlive oil, Almond oil, Assorted grilled platter, Sauteed chard.
EmmaCoffee, Hot cocoa, Fish tacos, Vegan tacos, Green tea, Cotton cloths, Pineapple upside-down cake, Pumpkins, all shells.
ErikaRed curry, Pepper and mushroom flatbreads, Irises, Cane nectar, all jams.
FrankHot peppers, Bell peppers, Avocados, Pancakes, Sunny-side-up eggs.
JackLettuce, Artichokes, Fruit tarts, all kimchi.
JimShiitake, Wasabi, Sushi, Seafood ramen, Sashimi.
JokoCoffee, Sauteed chard, Edamames, Fried Rice, Yogurt, Banana fritters, Pineapples.
KiraOrchis, Flower bouquets, Violets.
LingSilver kelps, Spring frittatas.
OliverIce cream, Smoked salmon, Seafood ramen, Basil pesto pasta.
PaulHummus, Strawberries, Chestnuts, all jams.
RandyCoffee, Apples, Lobsters, all wine.
SamBlueberries, Cacti, Jackfruits, White truffles, Black truffles, Fruit tarts.
SunnyRoasted mushrooms.
ValentinaFish tacos, Green curry, Red curry, Starfruit, Pumpkin pie, Basil pesto pasta.
WalterCarrots, Sake, Sweet potatoes, Roasted almonds.
WataruCatfish, Angelfish, Mandarin, Black phantom ghost fish, Pufferfish, Rainbow fish.
ZoeCookies, Ice cream.

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