Moonbreaker Cargo Run Contracts

Cargo Run Contracts are getting pulled from Moonbreaker

Breaking the contract

Unknown Worlds has made the decision to remove Cargo Run Contracts from their Early Access title Moonbreaker. Cargo Run is a game mode in Moonbreaker where players progress from battle to battle, gaining rewards as they win. Each game is a standard game of Moonbreaker. You fight your opponent’s squad and can progress to the next match once you defeat their captain. If you fail, your run ends.

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Starting a Cargo Run requires a Contract to start. During your run, you pick up cargo, which is a power boosts for your squad, as well as Blanks — a form of currency in the game.


Contract killers

What are Contracts, and why are they being removed? Well, Contracts are essentially another form of currency in In Moonbreaker, and players felt that it was unfair to lock this mode behind a paywall, given that they already put money into the game. In a community post, developer Unknown Worlds revealed that it is removing Contracts, not just from Cargo Run but out of Moonbreaker altogether.

Unknown Worlds stated: “While our intent was always for players to be able to earn enough Blanks during Cargo Run to continually unlock additional Contracts to play, we understand the community’s collective frustration that this mode felt gated and the desire to have any possible limitation removed.”

Many players will find a developer willing to remove micro-transactions for the sake of gameplay refreshing.

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However, Unknown Worlds giveth and Unknown Worlds taketh away. Blanks have also been removed as a reward for Cargo Run, as they were meant to be a reward to offset the cost of the run initially. With no cost, there is no longer a need for an offset. For players who purchased contracts, Unknown Worlds will provide refunds. Players will receive Pulsars (yet another currency in the game) as well as Blanks based on which currency they used to purchase their contracts. Although Blanks are off the table as a reward for Cargo run, players will still earn Season Track XP.

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