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Everybody will be able to experience the joys of the shadow wood.

Wizards will be doing battle and tossing magical creatures at one another again, as Julian Gollop’s Chaos Reborn project meets its funding target. $181,000 USD has been donated on Kickstarter as I write this, which is $1,000 USD more than was being asked for. It was a pretty close call, as the timer only has 33 hours left on it.

Anyway, this means Gollop (of original XCOM and Laser Squad fame) will be able to complete production on the game and get it on Steam. Chaos Reborn was approved through Greenlight recently, so it shouldn’t have any trouble getting itself on Valve’s digital storefront.

Chaos Reborn is a semi-remake, semi-sequel to 1985’s ZX Spectrum release, Chaos, in which between two and eight wizards battle it out in a congested arena until only one is left standing. It’s a turn-based title, with various subtle tricks and nuances (like casting creatures as illusions) to help you swing luck in your favour and emerge triumphant.

Tim and I played an early version of Chaos Reborn, so if you’d like to read about our magical grudge match and find out more about the game you can do so over here. It’s even possible to play it for yourself.

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