Humble Store

Prepare room in your backlog.

The Humble Bundle has already stepped up from semi-regular to weekly deals in recent times, so it’s perhaps no surprise to see the team opening up an actual store of their own. The Humble Store will give you the chance to buy (cheaper) games and help charity every day of the week. Oh god. PC games will be inexpensive forever. Someone hold me.

If your backlog can stand it, the store will be doing daily deals for the next few days. Today’s offerings include Gunpoint at half off, Natural Selection 2 for $6.25 USD and Euro Truck Simulator 2 at the same price. Other games, too, but you can look at those for yourself. Ten percent of all titles purchased through the Humble Store will go to causes including “American Red Cross, Child’s Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, World Land Trust and charity:water.”

You can use the same payment options as the Humble Bundle system (PayPal or Amazon Payments,) and opt to designate your purchase as a gift for a lucky friend or family member of Euro Truck enthusiast at the checkout.

Here’s a video to explain more.

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