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The upcoming open-world racer Forza Horizon 4 was first revealed back in June. The developers have not been shy about showing off the game since then. In fact, there are four special livestreams with some of the game’s developers from Playground Games which show off the game to a massive extent, covering the four seasons. Of course, this ties into the game’s new season-changing mechanic (they will change in-game every week). Here are a few details from the livestream.

This livestream in particular covers Autumn. A few other tidbits is that the world map has now been displayed for the very first time, and we also get a look at a Barn Find location!

According to the devs, Forza Horizon 4‘s new UK location is “the most vertical map in the series’ history”, so expect to run across a lot of hills as you zip across in your hypercars, SUVs and…hovercrafts?! That’s right, there’s a hovercraft in Horizon 4. Players will race against it in an amazing showcase event, which is actually shown off here in the new livestream. But, spoilers—the system the devs were playing on crashed during this race. I found that kinda funny since it reminds me of the optimization issues that plagued (and still kind of do plague) Horizon 3  on PC. The issue here was chalked up to being due to this version being a developer build. Let’s hope Horizon 3‘s optimization issues aren’t present this time around in Horizon 4

In better news, the developers also confirmed that Forza Horizon 4 will be supported with new content post-launch. The online experience is also shown off in great detail. Forza Horizon 4 will feature seamless transitions between its online and offline modes. Players will also be able to take advantage of the auto-ghosting mechanic, which will allow you to enjoy online sessions in peace without having to worry about troll drivers smashing into you and causing wrecks. The auto-ghosting will also trigger during certain challenges like drift zones, which will allow you to warp through AI traffic vehicles so they don’t get in your way and mess up your streak. An Online Forzathon event is also shown off here (called Forzathon Live), and it looks as fun and engaging as ever.

Some more little tidbits are that there will be ambient environmental sounds. This is definitely a nice touch seeing that the game’s map of Britain consists mostly of lush countrysides, so expect to hear the songs of British birds as you meander through the fields and backroads. Also, car deliveries are finally free, so you’ll no longer have to go to a Horizon Festival site to swap out your ride without being charged. Skill Songs will also be making a return, so prepare to pull off some stunts when charging through people’s backyards.

The motorway is also shown off, as well as a pretty cool 4×4 adventure park which is chalk full of beautiful mud for all you off-roading fans. The devs have actually made changes to the way moisture accumulates in the world, creating an authentic dirt and mud effect. Indeed, the sheer diversity of the map is pretty amazing and is enhanced by the season-changing mechanic.

There’s definitely a lot of content shown off here, so go ahead and see it all in action check out the full video down below:

Also, have a look at the first livestream from last week which covers the Summer season:


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