Star Citizen dinner and tour with Chris Roberts – Only $350 if you’ve backed enough

Star Citizen

This evening CIG mailed Star Citizen Concierge backers to announce a special event which will take place on 4 May. Concierge backers are the die-hard backers who have pumped more than $1000 into the project so far.

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This special event will include a tour of the L.A studio, a dinner and a sit-down with Chris Roberts and “key members of the dev team”. CIG will be filming the event which will be shown at a later date. Tickets for this event are going to be limited with only sixty being made available.

CIG will be charging $350 for this special event which I have to say is quite astonishing. You would think that with the 170+ million in the bank they could invite some of the really high paying backers for a free tour and a meet and greet. What is truly sad is that some backers will likely pay for the ticket and all the costs to get there.

Star Citizen

“Ahhhh! Lovely dinner guys. Now you pick up the tab”

Is CIG now going to start charging for absolutely everything despite the huge support the backers have already given? It’s starting to look like that.

In the past, I have personally been invited to studios for tours, with flights included, as a fan of a game (this was prior to being a member of the press)  simply to say thanks for the support. It was always greatly appreciated. I was certainly never asked to stump-up cash to attend.

The full Star Citizen letter that was sent out can be seen below.

Star Citizen

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