‘City of Heroes’ Issue 12 Details

NCsoft Europe, publisher of ‘City of Heroes’ has revealed new details of Issue 12 ‘Midnight Hour’, which promises a host of new features for players.The spandex-clad ones will be able to travel back to ancient Rome thanks to the powers of The Midnight Squad. Over twenty powersets will be made available to additional archetypes, making more character combos possible.Levels 10 to 20 will be able to join The Midnight Squad on new missions and levels 35to 50 will be able to enter the new Roman maps, fighting deadly creatures in an ancient city. Of course Roman-style armour costumes will be available, for anyone with a centurion fetish.More improvements include a makeover to the Hollows zone with more villain types and contacts, plus a hospital for those casualties of the war for justice.‘City of Heroes Issue 12: Midnight Hour’ is due for release in the spring.