Civilization VI Gathering Storm Expansion Announced

Civilization 6 Gathering Storm

It’s been a while since we’ve heard of something brewing from Firaxis’ flagship franchise Civilization VI. Last time we checked it out, there was an apparent leak for an upcoming expansion. It was known as “Vesuvius” at the time and things have changed since then. The newest expansion is called “Gathering Storm” and it will focus on “man versus Mother Nature,” specifically disasters and climate change. Check out the trailer below:

Civilization VI Gathers A Storm

The Vesuvius leak from late October did give us some juicy tidbits. We know there’d be a focus on disasters and how players would adapt. We know that there’d be a Polynesian leader based on the leaked concept art. Likewise, there might be some coastal or sea-based structures that can be built. With the Gathering Storm announcement, it looks like a lot of those rumors have been confirmed.

Here’s what Gathering Storm will contain:

  • Environmental Effects such as blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, drought, volcanic eruptions, and climate change.
  • Power and Consumable Resources whereby oil and coal are used to improve your industry. Later on, you can tech up to unlock renewable energy resources. Meanwhile, rampant and wanton use of certain resources would affect the world’s temperature leading to rising sea levels and melting ice caps.
  • The World Congress returns wherein you can use your Diplomatic Favor, court city-states and other Civs, and call for Emergency Sessions. It will be your means to achieve the long-awaited Diplomatic Victory.
  • 21st Century Updates to the Tech and Civics Trees which is a means to address current global concerns.
  • Nine New Leaders From Eight Different Civs which means we’re definitely getting a secondary leader from an existing Civ. The Polynesian leader (Maori) is definitely one of those. The Inca would be represented as well as seen from the trailer. Mali and the Ottomans are also rumored.
  • Two new scenarios – The first one is The Black Death where you need to survive the outbreak of bubonic plague in Europe. The other is War Machine which is Civilization VI’s rendition of the Schlieffen Plan, the German offensive through Belgium and France, during World War I.
  • There will also be seven new World Wonders, seven Natural Wonders, 18 new units, 15 improvements, 9 buildings, new districts, techs, civics, and more. And yes, it looks as though canals will finally be added to the game.
  • Both the Culture and Science victories have been revamped, and the Espionage system has also undergone some changes.

Civilization 6 Gathering Storm

One More Turn

With all of these in store, looks like Civilization VI players are eager to keep waiting for one more turn (or one more day) until February 14, 2019, when Gathering Storm releases. There’s a good chance that Firaxis will also reveal the new Civs and leaders joining the fray in the coming weeks. We’ll keep you up to date with more developments.

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