Civilization Beyond Earth - 03

Civilization: Beyond Earth and Saints Row, united by purple. And by this free Steam weekend.

There aren’t many opportunities to unite the Civilization and Saints Row series’, but the pair are joined by Steam’s latest free weekend. Civilization: Beyond Earth can be downloaded and played for free across the next three days (at which point you’ll either have to buy it or stop playing.)

Meanwhile, the same deal applies for every single game in the Saints Row series. Except the first one, because it’s not on Steam. And Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell because that’s not out yet.

There are concurrent sales for Civilization: Beyond Earth (40% off until Monday at 10am Pacific US time,) and each Saints Row game (various discounts, also valid until Monday at 10am Pacific.) The ‘ultimate franchise pack’ featuring every Saints Row thing on Steam is 80% off, making it pretty cheap for the next few days.

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