Classic Treasure shoot ’em up Radiant Silvergun is coming to Steam this month

Radiant Silvergun Steam Enemy Formations
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Just August 2, renowned classic action game developer Treasure and Ender Lilies developer Live Wire unveiled a Steam rerelease of the 1998 shoot ’em up Radiant Silvergun. This will come on August 18, almost a year after the Switch port of Radiant Silvergun that shadow dropped the day of its reveal.

Treasure fans may remember that in September of last year, leaks surfaced regarding a then-upcoming announcement by Treasure regarding the Radiant Silvergun IP. This led to some speculation on whether or not Treasure would announce a simple rerelease of Radiant Silvergun or a full-blown sequel. Of course, now we know that the announcement pertained to the former, with the Switch rerelease arriving a few days after the leaks. While undeniably exciting for Treasure fans at the time, some likely felt disappointed over the lack of a PC port. Fortunately, those fans can now rejoice thanks to this upcoming Steam release.

What to expect from Radiant Silvergun on Steam

Serving as a spiritual predecessor of the more widely-known shoot ’em up IkarugaRadiant Silvergun takes players through six action-packed levels filled with enemies of specific colors. If players defeat multiple foes of the same color, they will receive significant boosts to their score as well as upgrades to the power of their weapons. Players have quite a few combat options from the outset, with the ability to combine shot types and utilize a sword to both attack enemies and absorb specific bullets. A large number of challenging, often creative bosses is something of a Treasure staple, and Radiant Silvergun is no exception, with a total of 23 bosses to tackle.

The Steam port of Radiant Silvergun carries over the new features added in the Xbox 360 and Switch versions. These include extra difficulty modes and online leaderboards that have become customary in modern shoot ’em up releases. Additionally, the Steam version still has the mode introduced in those previous ports that changes the scoring system to the one from Ikaruga.

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