September 5th, 2017

Cloud Chamber video introduces characters, mysteries

Cloud Chamber video introduces characters, mysteries

Cloud Chamber 4

Investigate North have released a behind-the-scenes video for Cloud Chamber, their upcoming online co-op investigation title.

Cloud Chamber has you piecing together the events surrounding the Petersen Institute by examining data nodes that contain video files, journals, pictures, and the like. You’re primarily investigating the story of Kathleen Petersen, a young scientist who went to the Petersen Institute to look into the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death, but – as this video makes clear – there’s more going on than just that. There’s talk of mysterious interference, signals from outer space, and a whole lot more.

This video is a behind-the-scenes thing looking at the characters of the game. You get an introduction to a lot of the primary players, as well as some hints as to their personalities and motivations. If you’re at all interested in Cloud Chamber – and considering how novel and unique it is, you really should be – it’s worth a look.

Cloud Chamber is due out later this year.

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