Is DMZ getting canceled with Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)? Answered

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Fans of Modern Warfare 2 have been wondering whether DMZ will be surviving the integration with Modern Warfare 3, or if the popular beta game mode will be removed. It’s a fair question, since games that are in beta don’t always make it to their full release.

DMZ, which stands for ‘demilitarized zone’, is a game mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 where players need to infiltrate a map, and then work to extract what they can before exfiltrating. Your goal is to defeat bosses who roam the map and reside in different locations, collect the best loot you can find, and avoid or take down any other players who happen to rear their ugly heads in challenge to you and your team. It’s a fast-paced, intense game mode that offers nearly infinite replayability, and so it’s easy to see why players are eager to see it stick around for MW3. Continue reading to find out whether DMZ will make its grand return in Modern Warfare 3, or if we’ve seen the last of the game mode already.

Will DMZ make it into Modern Warfare 3?

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If you love DMZ, or at least like it a little bit, you’re in luck! The game mode will be returning for the next edition of Modern Warfare, which is set to integrate with MW2 in December. The official Call of Duty social media page on X (formerly Twitter) recently shared in a post that the wildly successful game mode will indeed be returning for the next version of MW. This is fantastic news, since the ‘extraction royale’ is one of the games that is more unique to the MW franchise — it’s hard to find a game like it elsewhere.

DMZ has just received its final update as of now on Modern Warfare 2 with the ‘Haunting’ update that released on the 17th of October. Thus, fans will need to wait until at least Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3 for new content to make its way into the game mode. However, MW3 promises to be a whole world above its predecessor, with a complete movement redesign and several gameplay tune-ups that are sure to make the wait for new DMZ content worthwhile.

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