Nexon has announced it has added a new “Vote Kick” system to its free-to-play online shooter Combat Arms. Included in the latest update, the Vote Kick system allows players to start a vote at any point during a game by pressing the F5 button and following the simple on-screen commands to select the player you want to kick, and the reason why. If over 51% of the other players vote in favour, the player will be kicked.“Maintaining a clean and fair game-play environment is one of the top priorities of Combat Arms Europe,” said Nexon’s Sung Jin Kim.“We already support the cash item “Elite Moderator” that allows players to kick noted abusive players from a room before starting a game, and it is very welcomed by our players as they can directly and immediately take action over those who obstruct the game-play for everyone else. The “Vote Kick” system now allows players to catch misbehaviors on the spot, and the team can fairly decide over the equity of an accusation. We believe that the new system along with the in-game reporting system, Elite Moderator and of course steady GM patrols will encourage the fair-play and friendly competition at Combat Arms Europe.”Today’s Combat Arms Update also adds new items to the in-game store (“The Black Market”) as well as a third female mercenary, Hana. 

Paul Younger
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