Company Of Heroes 3 Afrika Korps Battlegroups Guide
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Company of Heroes 3: Afrika Korps Battlegroups guide

The Desert Fox versus the Desert Rats.

Company of Heroes 3 has a skirmish mode that allows you to choose from four different factions, including the Afrika Korps. With reliable infantry, airborne troops, and an assortment of tanks, you can bring shock and awe on the battlefield. Here’s our Company of Heroes 3 Afrika Korps Battlegroups guide to help you with the different doctrines and perks that you can use.

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Company of Heroes 3 Afrika Korps Battlegroups guide

As with other Company of Heroes 3 Battlegroups, the Deutsches Afrika Korps faction lets you select from three main options or branches. Once you earn enough commander points (i.e., XP) and pick one, you’ll be locked-in. Your selection will then have a couple of trees with multiple perks.

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Italian Infantry

Here are the Italian Infantry options for the Company of Heroes 3 Afrika Korps Battlegroups. These are for players that want to capture and hold territories, slowly grinding down their opponent as they advance.

Tier Field Engineering Defensive Warfare
1 Gustatori Squad – Deploy the Gustatori, a squad of highly-trained assault engineers. L6/40 Light Tank Combat Group – Deploys two L6/40 Light Tanks.
Hold the Line – Designated friendly sector will improve the performance of infantry and make it harder to capture.
2 Defensive Operations – Enables Panzerpioneers and Gustatori to build Teller Mines, Tank Traps, HMG Bunkers, and Reinforced Barbed Wire. Registered Artillery – Designate a light artillery barrage over an area.
Territory Booby Traps – Enables Panzerpioneers and Gustatori to plant booby traps on captured territory and victory points. Propaganda War – Designates an area where propaganda leaflets will be dropped.
3 Towed Cannone DA 105/28 Field Howitzer – Deploys a truck towing this howitzer. Prepared Positions – All team weapons and emplacements have increased line of sight and take less incoming damage.
Obice 305mm Barrage – Designates a barrage over an area; flares are also launched.

Italian Combined Arms

Here are the Italian Combined Arms options for the Company of Heroes 3 Afrika Korps Battlegroups. These focus on infantry upgrades like light machine guns (LMGs), as well as light tanks.

Tier Combined Arms Italian Armor
1 Bersaglieri Squad – Deploys a Bersaglieri squad. Semovente da 75/18 Assault Gun – Deploy this type of assault gun.
2 Bersaglieri Bolster – +1 to the squad size of all Bersaglieri. Carro Armato M13/40 Light Tank – Deploy this type of light tank.
Vehicle Support: Secure Location – Increases the capture and decapture rate of infantry when they’re near vehicles. Strafing Run – Designates two Ju 87 Stukas to strafe the target area.
3 Breda Model 30 Light Machine Guns – Upgrades Bersaglieri and Panzergrenadiers with the Breda LMG; another upgrade gives an extra LMG. Pact of Steel – Reduces the cost of all light vehicles.
Vehicle Support: Force Recon – Increases the line of sight of infantry when near vehicles. Artillery Cover – Designates light and medium off-map artillery to overwatch the target area.

Armored Support

Here are the Armored Support options for the Company of Heroes 3 Afrika Korps Battlegroups. The two branches here emphasize the use of Stuka dive bombers (i.e., close-air support or CAS) and medium tanks.

Tier Support and Airpower Armored Warfare
1 Vehicle Awareness – Allows vehicles to use the ability. Veteran Gunners – Improves the penetration of all vehicles.
Salvage Kits – Allows Panzergrenadiers and Panzerpioneers to use the Rapid Salvage ability. Superior Fire Drills – Improves the performance of coaxial and hull machine guns of all vehicles.
2 Panzer Storm – Increases the speed of all vehicles and grants them immunity to engine criticals while active. Flammpanzer III Medium Tank Sd.Kfz. 141 – Deploys a medium tank with a flamethrower.
3 Stuka Dive Bomb – Designates a dive-bombing run over a target area. Command Panzer IV F Medium Tank – Deploys a Command Panzer IV Medium Tank.
Stuka Anti-Tank Loiter – Designates two Stukas to overwatch an area, striking armored units that enter it. Battlefield Salvage – Enemies destroyed by affected units grant extra manpower and fuel.

Company of Heroes 3 is available via Steam.

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