Company of Heroes 3: Wehrmacht Battlegroups guide

Company Of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht Battlegroups Guide
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Company of Heroes 3 has a skirmish mode that allows you to choose from four different factions, including the Wehrmacht. With reliable infantry, airborne troops, and an assortment of tanks, you can bring shock and awe on the battlefield. Here’s our Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht Battlegroups guide to help you with the different doctrines and perks that you can use.

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Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht Battlegroups guide

As with other Company of Heroes 3 Battlegroups, the Wehrmacht faction lets you to select from three main options or branches. Once you earn enough commander points (i.e., XP) and pick one, you’ll be locked-in. Your selection will then have a couple of trees with multiple perks.

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Here are the Mechanized options for the Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht Battlegroups. These are primarily for your Panzergrenadiers and mechanized squads, though you can also unlock the Panther Heavy Tank here.

Tier Mechanized Armor Mechanized Support
1 Raid Package – Allows all light vehicles to capture territory and use the Smoke Cannisters ability. Fuel Seizure – Infantry squads that capture a fuel point grant +5 fuel immediately.
Spotting Scopes – Vehicles can be upgraded with Spotting Scopes to improve line of sight.
2 StuG Assault Group – Deploy a StuG III Assault Gun with a Panzergrenadier escort. Mechanized Assault – Vehicles slowly repair and improve the survivability of nearby infantry.
8 Rad Armored Car – Deploy an 8 Rad Armored Car. Zeroing Artillery Barrage – Designates a cascading artillery barrage on a target location.
3 Panther Heavy Tank – Deploy a Panther Heavy Tank. Stoßtruppen Assault Package – Can upgrade Stormtroopers with StG 44 assault rifles and Camouflage.
Wespe Self-Propelled Artillery – Deploys a Wespe Self-Propelled Artillery unit.


Here are the Breakthrough options for the Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht Battlegroups. This is a go-to pick for those who want to rush across the battlefield with speedy captures, faster vehicle production, and deadlier tanks.

Tier Assault Forces Armored Offensive
1 Assault Grenadiers – Can upgrade Grenadiers with the Assault Package. Rapid Production – Enables vehicles to be manufactured at blistering speeds.
2.5-Ton Cargo Truck – Deploy a large truck.
2 Breakthrough – Increases the capture speed of all infantry when active. Blitzkrieg – Activate to increase vehicle speed and rate of fire; makes vehicles harder to hit.
Smoke Bombing Run – Airdrops smoke pots onto the battlefield.
3 Mechanized Assault Group – Deploy a 251 Medium Carrier with a Stoßtruppen escort. Panzer IV Command Tank Sd.Kfz. 161/1 – Deploy a Command Panzer IV Medium Tank.
Tiger Heavy Tank Sd.Kfz. 182 – Deploy a Tiger Heavy Tank.


Here are the Luftwaffe options for the Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht Battlegroups. These let you use aircraft for close-air support CAS) and bombing runs, as well as elite paratroopers.

Tier Luftwaffe Air-to-Ground Support Luftwaffe Field Support
1 Reconnaissance Run – Designate a recon run over an area. Fallschirmpioneer Squad Paradrop – Paradrops a Fallschirmpioneer Squad to a target location.
Stuka Strafing Run – Designate a strafing run over an area.
2 Fallschirmjäger Squad Paradrop – Use paratroopers on a target location. Infantry Reserves – Reduces the reinforcement cost of infantry units and infantry-based weapons by 25%.
Luftwaffe Combat Group – Calls in a Wirbelwind Flakpanzer with a Jager squad escort.
3 Fragmentation Bombs – Designate a fragmentation bombing run over an area. LG40 Recoilless Launcher Paradrop – Paradrops an unmanned LG40 Recoilless Launcher.
Stuka Loiter – Designate two Stukas to overwatch an area, striking hostiles that enter it. Flak 36 Anti-Tank Gun Emplacement – Enables Pioneers and Fallschirmpioneers to construct Flak 36 AT emplacements.

Company of Heroes 3 is available via Steam.

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